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Week 19/20
~ My Mini-Novel

Although I only missed last week, it feels like such a long time since Iíve sat down to write and actually felt comfortable. Between the aches and pains that Iíve learned are common with second and subsequent pregnancies and my lousy pc I didnít get a chance to write week 19. My apologies, but this week thereís a treat a novel instead of a journal entry.

First off, Iíd like to thank the ladies who took out the time to email me about their birth control experiences. Iím now completely sure that a tubal is not the way I want to go. I was given very informative information about other methods that are less stress and worry than popping a pill daily, but not permanent. Even after all the morning sickness and everything else the truth of the matter is Iím in love with my children. Pregnancy is such a beautiful experience mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and sometimes physically that I canít definitely say I donít ever want to do it again . . . in the very, very, very far and distant future.

The RootsWeek 19 was my fun week. That weekend Solomon and our friends attended The Roots concert. For those of you that have never heard them, they are an excellent hip-hop/neo-soul band (and when I say band I really mean band). Iím not really into baby-momma, B-this and that, look at my cash flow. These guys are very positive and actually have something to talk about. I enjoyed our little date, though we almost didnít go because Psalm did something she never did before . . . had the biggest temper tantrum. She wouldnít even speak to us when we returned home. It broke our hearts. Of course sheís over it now, but we also havenít gone out again other than to work.

This week I had my big ultrasound and doctorís appointment. We were really interested in knowing the babyís sex since it had been throwing us for a loop for the past 20 weeks. Iíd been reading about things to eat or drink to get the baby to really strut his/her stuff, so that morning I decided to have both a candy bar and orange juice. Iíll never do that again.

My ultrasound ended up taking two hours because the baby was moving so much they couldnít get clear images. The ultrasound tech tilted me all sorts of ways to try to get shots and measurements, but the baby still was not having it (no pun intended). The baby moved the entire two hours. I must admit it was fun to watch the first hour, but after my legs started to fall asleep and Psalm started to get restless I just wanted the peanut to stay put.

I was over an hour late for my doctorís appointment. Since ultrasound is down the hall they called over to explain and everything was okay. The office was very busy. I had to wait about 45 minutes to be seen. The doctor just checked the babyís heartbeat and talked about the aches and pains of pregnancy the second time around. I was out in about five minutes. The baby looks great and is healthy, which is most important. The ovarian cyst is also doing well and shrinking. It was 6 centimeters 4 weeks ago and now itís a little over 4 centimeters.

I did however receive bad news at my appointment. About, a month ago I received a paper in the mail saying the plan Iím in was changing and Iíd now have to pick a primary care physician. I didnít quite understand, so after my appointment I stopped by the financial office. After May, Iíll have to switch doctors again because at that time theyíll stop accepting my plan. I was so upset at first, but Iíve just been praying for good care and the safe arrival of our little bean.

The rest of this week Iíve just been catching up on housework. I have no problem doing laundry, but Iíve developed an allergy to folding it. Looking through laundry baskets for wrinkled clothing was starting to get the best of me, so I caved and folded everything. I promise I never want to see another shirt or sock or pair of pants.

Sleep has still been an issue. It has gotten better since I kicked Psalm out of our bed and put her on the futon. I think itís good for her, since weíll be moving soon and Iím thinking of all these ways to decorate her big girl room knowing itíll go to waste if she never sleeps there. Also, I never knew how distracting sleeping with the television on could be. For the past two weeks weíve turned it off at around 10:30 and sleep has been 10 times better. I no longer have to dream about losing six inches in six weeks by doing hip-hop aerobics or body by Jake (darn infomercials). I still toss and turn trying to find a comfortable position, but now Iím drifting right back to sleep instead of watching the Cosby show or watching all the food commercials and wishing I could go to White Castle (hey! theyíre open late).

I think thatís pretty much it in a nutshell. I know youíre wondering if we find out the sex of the baby at the ultrasound. We sure did. The baby opened its legs twice for two different ultrasound technicians and weíre 100% sure it a . . .

And you thought Iíd spill the beans. I had to wait 20 weeks, so I think itíll be fun to have you wait one more!

Until next week,


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