Christian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 21
~ So there's a king, a queen, and . . .

And TWO princesses! Yes, my intuition was correct this time. Weíre having another little girl. Initially, I canít say we were as excited as we were when we found out the sex of Psalm, but the thought of having two girls is definitely growing on us. Solomon was shocked. I felt I already knew, but at the same time I couldnít believe I was right. Sheís healthy and seems to be more active since weíve stopped calling her Ethan.

For those parents who wait until the birth to find out the sex, I have respect for your wanting to be surprised, but itís not our cup of tea. My relationship with my little girl has grown so much in the last two weeks. Itís not just a baby bump anymore; it's little Miss Brooklyn. Iím so excited to have two girls. I always wanted a "sisfer" (as Psalm says) and I think itís going to be fun to watch them grow and interact with each other. Psalm now kisses my belly at night and say "night night Brooke-ken luv lou!" It makes my heart melt.

This week, Iíve been sleeping and feeling better. My energy is definitely not the same as compared to this point in my pregnancy with Psalm, but I attribute that to being pregnant and chasing a toddler around all day. Monday we celebrated a very special event. Instead of Easter, we celebrate the memorial of Jesus' death or the Lordís Evening Meal. Having it on a Monday this year was strange for me and threw my week off. It crept up on me so fast I was hardly prepared, but I felt good once I got there and received such spiritual refreshment.

The other moms in attendance along with myself were amazed at how the kids behaved. It was so funny; everyone kept asking if it is a full moon or is there something wrong in the universe. We have 3 bible-based studies/services weekly and Psalm is usually so well-behaved. Monday night she was wild, throwing her bible on the floor, trying to crawl underneath chairs, etc. My friendís baby is four months and he talked the whole hour and several other babies needed several diaper changes, were talking, and crying. I was irritated for most of the service, but after talking to the other moms all I could do was laugh.

People at work are starting to notice Iím pregnant and not just fat. Iím so happy to be making this transition. Brooklyn is definitely poking out now. I donít feel like such an idiot going to target or babies r us and creating a registry. Speaking of which, I wanted to get opinions on having a shower this time around. With Psalm, I had a very small shower (a few family only and 3 close friends, about 8 people total). I received a lot of clothing and a travel system, but everything else we or the grandparents brought. My mom wants to throw a big shower this time and I feel funny because Iím having another girl; theyíre only 23 months apart, but I also gave EVERYTHING away and went without a lot of things because we were cramped for space. Solomon wants to do a co-ed shower and have a basketball game for his friends. I think itíll be cool, but I still donít want anyone to feel obligated to bring gifts when truthfully I just want a party! So, for now Iím torn. p Take care until next week,


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