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Week 22
~ Those without a sense of humor beware

If Iím not mistaken it is April? Correct? No? You say it is, but I canít believe itís April when it feels and looks like the middle of December. Just last week, I was basking in the sun and in 70 degree weather and just as quickly as I progressed from taking the pregnancy test and now being 22 weeks pregnant (wow! Iím over half-way over) the temperature changed. Iím freezing here and not only that for the past few days weíve been getting lake effect snow (what the heck!!). I canít believe it. I finally just have to admit when you live in Chicago thereís no such thing as spring; youíre either cold as heck or burning up.

Enough about the weather, though as you can tell it has really messed up my week. Brooklyn is definitely getting more active. She kicks the most at around 8 in the morning and the late evening. If I donít feel her for awhile Iíll poke and sheíll poke back. I love this time in pregnancy.

What I donít love is the Lack of sleep! Two nights ago, I was up all night long with the worst heartburn ever and Braxton hicks. What is that about? Well, I know I probably shouldnít have eaten that chili for lunch followed by a polish with extra onions and a regular pepsi for dinner. (I know, I know pregnant women arenít suppose to eat hot dogs, polishes, caffeine, etc . . . well come tell that to my cravings . . . by the way, anyone know where I can buy a onesie for a two-headed baby? ) I thought I could go a little overboard and in the case of emergency I have a bottle with about 1,000 Tums. Well, letís just assume Iíll never do that again . . . together anyway, but definitely on separate nights. In other cravings confessions, I also polished a bag of mini-snickers in 24 hours. Gasp. And against all odds, Iíve only gained the recommended half-pound this week, 7 pounds this whole pregnancy. Iíll try to be good during week 23, but I canít make any promises.

Before I close I have more good news, I wonít have to switch doctors after all (and the crowd goes yay!).

Thanks for letting me express all my silliness this week,


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