Christian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 23
~ Pillows Pillows Everywhere and Not an Ounce of SLEEP!

Iím starting to walk around here looking like a zombie. Despite the thousand and one body pillows, wedges, etc I crowd the bed with I manage to only fall asleep when the earth is on a 30 degree axis and all the planets are symmetrically aligned. Then just as I feel myself really drifting off starts a very vivid dream. In the past week, Iíve had dreams Iíve fought my father's side of the family and injured them pretty bad (weíre pretty much estranged and have tense relations, theyíve only seen Psalm twice in her life and my father has never seen her since I havenít talked to him in 4 years) while in labor at the hospital to having this really huge frog chase me and having the baby fall out while Iím running and discovering Brooklyn is a boy. Throughout it all, at approximately 2am, 3:37am, 4:55am and 6:15am (it has to be a science) thereís the bathroom trips, even when Iíve purposely limiting the amount of drinks Iíve had close to bedtime.

Daybreaks and the world returns to a normal place and I have no trouble sleeping at all. If it wasnít for my mother and father-in-law being here during the day (they work nights) my poor child would have gone many a day without having breakfast until lunch time. Psalm usually doesnít wake until about 8:30 or 9:00, but by then Iím so exhausted I can barely move. I feel so negligent. She pulled my eyelids back last week at around 11:30 and said "mommy me wanna eat eat cancakes (pancakes) I starving." So Iíve been setting the alarm and hainge a cup of decaf so I can fight the sleepies and attend to my baby. Then thereís the struggle to naptime, which has never been better the last couple of days. When I schedule blocks, numbers, abcís, a book, and walk to name all the things we see along the way, 12:30 comes quickly and alas Iím able to catch up on a few hours and snuggle with my lovebug.

My diet has improved over the last week. I still have about an 11 pound cushion to gain my recommended weight for this pregnancy. Iíve been doing pretty well gaining about 1/2 pound a week, despite all my cravings and occasional binges. I have to have Solomon take a new belly picture so I post my progress. Iím definitely getting big and round. I wasnít sticking out this much until close to week 30 with Psalm. Iím afraid of what my profile will look like in another 10 weeks or so. Brooke is still actively kicking as I type right now. Solomon has only felt her move once, but she is definitely strong enough to cause a jump visible to others in my tummy from time to time.

Wish me better sleep next week,

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