Christian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 26
~ I Quit!

Good news. This week I finally got the courage to quit my job or the little job that I had left anyway. Since this new manager came I think she didnít want me around because Iím pregnant and I have some restrictions as to the drugs I can be around and touch. About two weeks ago they cut my weekly hours down to just 6 hours per week, working just 3 hour days on Thursday and Friday. Because of the nature of my position, registry (meaning I get no benefits and Iím only guaranteed 1 work day per month) I could really do nothing to prove discrimination, so I quit. I feel so relieved that I no longer have to arrange and rearrange someone to watch Psalm for 6 hours. My last day is May 25th and Iím excited to embark on my journey as a stay-at-home mom.

Iíve often wondered what Iíd do with all the time at home, but being honest with myself I realized I was at home more often than not. I have picked up a little part-time "job". My aunt lives around the corner from me and her son who is in kindergarten attends school 2 blocks from my home. I pick him up for school, help him with his homework, and do other fun things until his mom comes. I usually keep him about 2 hours on average and despite me insisting itís no problem, she pays well and I was actually making more picking him up 3 days a week than working 2 days at the pharmacy. So, Iíll be picking him up 5 days a week now and heíll probably come over during summer break until the new baby arrives.

Brooklyn continues to grow. Her kicks are getting stronger and more visible to those on the outside. This morning Psalm was lying on my belly and got a big roll across her face. She thought it was hilarious and kept saying "Cookie (her nickname for her) is funny mama". Their little bond is so cute already. I keep trying to explain that eventually Cookie is going to come home and live with us. I donít think she understands, but she has occasionally put chicken nuggets and various other food items in my belly button for Cookie to eat. Iím trying to keep balance and be conscious of the fact that Psalm is still a baby and although she acts real grown up sometimes sheís only 20 months old.

Until next week,

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