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Week 27/28
~ Catching Up

Once again, my internet has been acting insane so Iím a week behind. My apologies, but that means I also have another mini-novel to catch up on whatís been going on.

Week 27 was an interesting week. I started to feel pressure when walking and after doing too much. Iíd felt the feeling before around week 34 with Psalm, and the next time my doctor checked I was 40% effaced. At week 34, starting to make progress is okay and exciting. Feeling pressure at week 27 brings nothing but fear. I made it a note to take it easy on my off days, but Iíd feel it if I lifted Psalm or running back and forth to do the laundry. Finally, I made a call to the doctorís office and I was told to go to labor and delivery for some monitoring if it continued to be a concern. Well, the hospital is a good 45 minutes away with all the road construction going on. I decided Iíd try to wait it out until my appointment in a couple of days later.

Week 28 started with my doctorís appointment. The good news is my cervix is still closed and Iíd like it to stay that way for at least another 10 weeks. My doc says Brookeís head is already low in the pelvis so that could result in the pressure Iím experiencing. The bad news is I failed my 1 hour glucose test by 2 points. I was given the three-day diet which just happened to fall on the weekend and was to be back in the office Monday for the 3 hour test. I couldnít believe I failed. It made me really nervous, so much so that when I was to go give my urine specimen I used the bathroom and forgot all about the specimen. It gave the nurses a good laugh.

Of course, I was an unbearable wreck over the weekend. Monday couldnít get here fast enough. I was so ready to get everything over with. Besides, the test being 3 hours itís also a fasting test. I was soooo hungry. All the cars on the way to the doctor looked like little sausage biscuits. I brought the PSP along with a few games and a movie for entertainment. Only thing is, though I asked Solomon 100 times the night before did the thing need to be charged, as soon as I got there and turned it on it went out. I could have killed him. So I watched Oprah and read every single article in the May Glamour. The time passed by more quickly than I expected. My arms are still sore from all the blood draws, but other than that I canít complain.

I called the nurses station and found out the results today, but since itís actually the first day of week 29 Iíll zip the lips until next week. I will end by telling the little pig I was after Iíd finished up the 3 hour glucose test. As I mentioned earlier, my hospital/doctorís office is in the middle of metropolitan Chicago. We have the best food hands down and I was never happier to live here in my life. I indulged myself in a mini-stuffed pizza from Ginoís East along with a salad and their house dressing. It was the first time ever I went to a sit down restaurant alone and didnít feel like an idiot. Of course, as you all know I wasnít alone . . . Brooklyn and I enjoyed our first mommy/daughter date to the fullest.

Until next week,

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