Christian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 29
~ Playing Catch Up!

Sorry about yet another late entry. I wish for a second I could be the stay at home mom portrayed in the media, sitting around watching soaps. Itís quite the opposite around here. I have never been busier in my life. Itís always so much to do and the days just seem to fly by and make one large extended day. Iím sure as I get a bit more experience at this thing it wonít feel like Iím in a time warp.

I did pass my 3-hour glucose test. Iím so relieved that I wonít have to be switched over to the high risk clinic. The nurse said I did excellently on the 3-hour test and it was probably what I had for breakfast that elevated the 1-hour test results. Now that that is over with I can finally enjoy the rest of my pregnancy worry free.

PsalmFriday was my last day of work. My boss and co-workers brought cake and a lot of cute things for the baby. I was a bit sad when the day came. Iím going to miss the customers and my co-workers, but it was really time for me to part ways with the place. The girls' pediatrician is right next door to the pharmacy, so it will not be the last time I see my co-workers. It was strange not preparing to return to work the following week.

I do continue to pick up my little cousin from school. Itís not much trouble and it gives Psalm and I a chance to take a walk around the neighborhood and get some needed exercise. The experience is also causing me to think about a career in being an early childhood educator in the future. Right now, I donít know what I want to do, but hubby says take my time and figure things out. I do want to have something set in stone by the time Brooklyn is 2 years old. I think Iíll definitely be ready to be back at work or in school to make my way back to work.

Thatís all I have to report for this week. Iíve included a picture of Psalm on one of our walks. Unfortunately, no belly pics yet, hopefully next week!

Until next week,

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