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Week 30
~ Doctor Appointment and the Zoo

Psalm at the zooThis week started with my week 30 MD appointment. I canít believe things have moved along so fast. Iím on to bi-monthly appointments already. This week I had to get more blood drawn. I never had this many blood draws in my pregnancy with Psalm, but I was informed that they do all the blood work they perform at your first prenatal appointment (i.e. STD testing and blood counts) again at week 30. I have one more poke at week 36 to check my blood count again. I guess Iím glad theyíre so thorough at this office, but my veins arenít too happy about it.

Everything with the baby is going great. Her heartbeat was nice and strong. I got a chance to talk to my doctor about my labor fears and the possibility of tearing or needing to be cut. She said unless I had a significantly larger baby in the 8 or 9 pound range it was nothing to be worried about. I did not tear at all with Psalm, but we also did the perineal message about twice a week for the last few weeks. I donít know if thatís enough to say thatís exactly why I didnít tear. I was really scared of this last time and as d-day approaches the fear has resurfaced.

I still have been feeling pressure on and off throughout the day along with some quite painful Braxton Hicks. According to my doctor, since I had Psalm at 38 weeks exactly, she thinks I will likely deliver this baby between 37 and 40 weeks. That translates into I could only have 6-9 weeks from today and itís freaking me out a little. Iím eager for Brooklynís arrival, but I canít say Iím the least bit prepared. Iíve made a few lists of the things Iíll definitely need in the first few weeks. Iím trying not to buy much since we still havenít moved and Iím pretty sure we wonít until the first of September. (Sigh!)

at the zooFriday we spent the day at the zoo with my in-laws. Although, we didnít get a chance to see everything I still enjoyed being out on such a beautiful day. Solomon was off work so he was able to join us. Psalm really enjoyed the zoo this year. She was able to name a lot of the animals we saw and really enjoyed the dolphin show. They have a workshop there similar to build-a-bear where you stuff and dress the animal of your choice. She picked Gigi the giraffe and Solomon had a panda bear dressed in a spacesuit made for Brooklyn. Iíve included a picture of us and you can even see Brooke sticking out.

I wonít bore you with the rest of the week. It was the normal routine of cooking, cleaning, and chasing Psalm. I am happy to report that Psalm can sing the alphabet song and majority is correct. Itís so funny when she gets to lmnop she always looks to the ceiling and says ďo o o o pĒ. She is very proud of herself and sings them to my belly only 100 times a day. Just a little while longer and Iíll have two alphabet singers warming my heart and driving me nuts!

Until next week,

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