Christian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 31
~ Uncomfortable and Restless

This week a colony of ants has invaded my pants and unfortunately ďdancingĒ does nothing to get rid of them. Yes, Iím reaching the unsettling and uncomfortable point in this pregnancy. Sleep is the worst itís ever been. I feel like if I grow just one more inch Iíll definitely explode into tiny, bite-size preggie pieces.

Iím starting to notice the triggers to my Braxton Hicks, but that does not mean the painful ones arenít still on the scene. If I lift Psalm too much during the day, theyíll definitely kick my butt at bedtime, sometimes becoming so strong I have to pause and freeze up. Iíve even questioned whether or not Iíve been in pre-term labor. Once I get up and walk around or drink a glass of cold water theyíll stop and Brooklyn starts.

Brooklyn has become quite the gymnast in the last week. Iíve been able to identify little body parts when she performs her daily stretch and floor exercises. You can always catch my belly in some weird shape, especially after a meal. For the most part itís entertaining, until itís 3 in the morning and itís still going on. Iím very curious to know the hours this girl is going to keep.

Iíve also developed very sensitive teeth over the past few days. If I miss my daily dairy intake itís significantly worst. I guess the baby is pulling all my calcium and Iím definitely feeling the effects. Iím not a big milk drinker, but youíd think I was a cow the way Iíve been drinking it lately. Itís become a craving. Psalm and I have been going through about a gallon a week, when before if we brought a gallon of milk it would usually spoil. I guess itís true that you crave whatever the baby needs more of.

I donít know if I mentioned earlier in my journal, but weíve been without a car since September. Our engine died and we where going back and forth on whether we would get it replaced or just purchase another car. Well, almost ten months later weíve decided to go ahead and purchase another car. Itís a Chrysler Sebring sedan. I really like the car and I think we will not have a problem fitting two car seats. Everyone thought we should be in the market for a mini-van, but I personally hate them so I was glad we decided on this one.

The rest of the week I spent doing Baby Shower invites. I really didnít want to have nothing to do with the shower, except showing up. I had gotten to the point where Iíd whether not have one at all, especially since we wonít be moving until the baby is a month or two old and we really donít have space for the gifts. My mom and aunt talked me into having one and my aunt says we can store anything we donít initially have room for at her house. My responsibilities associated with the shower have continued to grow. I didnít mind doing invitations, but Iím almost certain that Iíll be the one doing decorations, favors, and deciding the games. I really could have just thrown myself a shower, however tacky that may be, because Iím certain Iíll be doing mostly everything anyway. (Sigh!)

Until next week,

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