Christian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 32
~ A Psalmmy Free Weekend!

This week started with my doctorís appointment. Everything looks great. Brooklynís heartbeat was excellent and the doctor even let Psalm listen to her heartbeat and belly with the Doppler. For my last three appointments, Iíve been measuring three weeks ahead. I was relieved it was not just my imagination; I am bigger this time than I was with Psalm. I asked my doctor did this mean a change in due date and she wasnít concerned since I measured so perfectly at my week 16 and 20 ultrasounds. She said there is often error in the uterine measurements, but Iím sure this will definitely be bigger baby.

I did have a few concerns from my last appointment. My blood pressure was excellent, but I have been experiencing swelling occasionally and there was a bit of protein in my urine. My doctor wasnít too concerned since my blood pressure was so good, but it will be something sheíll be watching in the coming weeks. She was still comfortable seeing me in two weeks instead of one so that was good news. My next appointment is July 2nd, when sheíll perform an internal exam and test for group strep b. *Hopefully*, I donít have it this time around. Itíll be nice to be able to labor at home a little.

Psalm spent the weekend with my grandmother, so we were baby free. Saturday afternoon my friend and I went to lunch and had pedicures. They were awesome and definitely did wonders for my swollen achy feet. That evening we met up with our hubbies and went to see Knocked Up. Our friends donít have any children yet, but Solomon and I never laughed so hard. Itís so funny because this time around we have had some of the exact same arguments the couple had in the movie. Itís definitely a must see if youíre pregnant.

Sunday night, Solomon and I attended a cocktail formal for a friendís graduation. She was my maid of honor in our wedding and she recently became a registered dietician. I had a ball. Solomon kept smashing all my fun saying "I shouldnít dance since I'm 8 months pregnant." Have you ever heard of pregnant women not being able to dance? Iíll answer that . . . NO! So with his approval or not I was going to shake my groove thing. I paid for it later that night with swollen feet and a few strong Braxton Hicks, but I had fun so it was worth it.

Iíve been feeling under the weather since Sunday. Monday afternoon my blood pressure dropped pretty low (103/64), so Iíve been trying to keep tabs on it and take things easy. Iím really behind on my housework, but Solomon is on vacation next week so weíll be doing all the big cleaning to get ready for the baby. In the next few weeks, Iíll be packing my bag and stocking up on food and other necessities. Everyone keeps betting on when Iíll have the baby, but no one thinks Iíll make it to August 1st let alone the 8th. Both Solomon and my mom think I only have about three weeks. Iím hoping Iíll at least make it to four more weeks which would make me term. Who knows? This baby could be tricking us all and end up a week late (though I donít know how I could grow another seven plus weeks). I guess only time will tell.

Until next week,

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