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Week 33
~ Hang in There Miss Brooklyn!

Week 33 was full of surprises and uncertainty on the pregnancy front. Both Saturday and Sunday night, I thought I was ready to make a visit to labor and delivery. Saturday night, I was having pretty uncomfortable, regular contractions every five minutes. We said weíd time them for an hour to see what happens and if they continued Iíd call my doctor and go in. Fortunately, they stopped at the 40 minute mark.

I spent the whole night paranoid. Maybe they were just really strong Braxton Hicks. I tried moving around and they would still come. I could not do too much moving around since we were driving, but it was a bit scary when they still would persist after I contorted myself the best I could. After drinking a 42oz. Raspberry Lemonade (which has become my favorite drink by the way), they finally went away.

Sunday Morning, I was feeling better and quite energetic, so we continued with our normal Sunday morning activities. We arrived late to Sunday service, so we sat in the very back. As soon as I sat down those pesky contractions started again. I moved around and they stopped. Another came in 42 minutes, then 40 minutes. They were not as close together so I was not concerned as I was the night before. I havenít had a painful one since.

Sunday afternoon, Solly took me for a special treat. We ate at Pompeii, the Italian restaurant were we had our wedding reception. The food was delicious as usual. We had not been there in over a year. Most of the time when I suggest we go Solomon usually doesnít have a taste for it. It was a nice little date.

Iíve been trying to take it easy and stay hydrated. Solomon has been on vacation this week which has been a big help. Although I know if I had the baby now she would more than likely be okay and develop as she would had I had her at term. I just donít want a preemie. Hang in there a little longer Miss Brooklyn.

I am now anxiously awaiting my next doctorís appointment to see if all the pressure and contractions Iíve been experiencing are slowly getting things started. At my week 34 appointment with Psalm, Iíd effaced 50%. I know you progress earlier and slower with your first, but Iím hoping I can make most of the progress before labor really starts. I would like to cut my 26 hour labor time with Psalm at least in half. Really, Iím not picky at all. I just want a healthy, term baby.

Until next week,

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