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Week 34/35a
~ **Hoping she'll hang on a little while longer**

Today, Iím writing at 35 weeks and 1 day. Iím sincerely hoping this wonít be my final entry before the birth story. Iím sure youíre thinking "Youíre only 35 weeks! Why would you say that?" Well this is what has unfolded this past week . . .

Week 34 started off pretty uneventful on the pregnancy front. We attended a special 3-day "Follow The Christ" convention on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed the information and myself. Psalm acted a dream all three days and even Ďhelpedí us meet new friends from Iowa. I really had no complaints other than being a bit off my routine. No contractions to complain of, just occasional pressure if I did too much walking.

On Monday I had my regular OB appointment. My blood pressure was excellent and there was no protein in my urine this time around. I had spilled a few ketones in my urine due to dehydration. As Iíd said in an earlier entry, my doc was going to do group beta strep test and an internal since I delivered Psalm 2 weeks early and I was close enough to 35 weeks. She checked me and to our surprise I was 1.5, almost 2 cm dilated!

Just as a prediction, she said Iíd probably deliver in or around week 36 or 37. She wasnít too concerned with the baby being a bit early since she was still measuring 3 weeks ahead. After checking me she reviewed my charts and asked was I certain about my dates. I was very certain and had the week 16 ultrasound with a baby measuring perfectly for an August 8th due date. She gave me another appointment in 2 weeks and said that if I went into labor before that point she did not see a need to stop it.

After my appointment, I really began to feel a lot of pressure. I took it easy, doing what I could to get ready for baby in small sessions. We got a lot of work done and was able to make room for the bassinette, glider, and ottoman. I got all the clothes out and arranged them. I still need to pack for the hospital and wash the car seat cover. Iím actually in the process of doing laundry in between writing.

Yesterday, I lost my mucous plug. It was the most disgusting to say the least. I canít believe I looked so hard for it when I was preggers with Psalm, now this time I was not looking for it and low and behold. (no pun intended) It was not blood tinged, so Iím hoping labor is not too imminent. I felt a bit crampy last night and early this morning, but now Iím feeling okay. Iím just a bit more nervous this time and last time we were less prepared.

My mom and aunt are working really hard on my shower this upcoming weekend. Iím hoping I can actually make it. Last time, we had a very small shower with Psalm and I went in to have her the very next day. Thatís fine if Miss Brooke wants to come soon, but Iím hoping itís after the shower. Iím also hoping sheíll be breathing on her own and not have to stay any extra in the NICU. Iím really driving myself wild with worrying about everything, but itís been pretty hard to relax the last couple of days.

*Hopefully* a journal and not birth story next week,

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