Christian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 35
~ We Made It!!

ChristianHello all. Miss Brooklyn decided to stay put this weekend, so I have an eventful week 35 to write about.

Friday, I was starting to doubt if I would make it to my shower the following day. I was feeling a lot of pressure and had a few painful contractions throughout the day. I cleaned and did laundry to pass the time. When Solomon returned home from work, I was feeling a lot better, so I went out looking for a half-bra to wear with my dress for the shower the next day. The shopping mall is literally down the street from my house (5 minutes away), so I felt fine going alone. I started to feel more pressure with walking so I came home. After resting awhile, we went out for ice cream.

Saturday was my baby shower. I really enjoyed myself and had a lot of fun. We received a lot of the necessities weíll need in the first few weeks and tons of clothing. I attached 3 of my favorite pictures: one of myself, one of my mom, my aunts, Psalm, and me, and one of my mom, Psalm, and myself. We had tons of leftover food and cake, so my diet has consisted of "shower food" for the last couple of days. Iím happy I decided to go ahead and have one. I think every pregnant woman, whether itís your first or 21st, deserves to showered after the work of growing another person inside you.

Christian, her aunts, mom and daughterSunday I went out to Target and Kohls to finish getting the things weíd need immediately. Although we received a lot of clothing at the shower, we didnít receive any gowns, sleep n plays, or socks. Kohls is having a good sale this week, so I was able to get 3 sleep n plays for $12. One was only $2 and the others were buy one get one free. At target I brought gowns, socks, towels, more receiving blankets, and other little things to get us through the first few weeks until Iím able to go out shopping. I forgot to get a Boppy pillow, but havenít felt like shopping much, so Iíll probably be sending Solomon out for one once the baby is born.

Sunday night, after finishing up my shopping I started to have regular contractions. First they were 10 minutes apart, then 7 minutes. At that point, I packed the bags for the hospital and Psalmís bag for Nanaís. Solomon ordered take-out Olive Garden since I really had a craving for shrimp pasta and thought that would be the last time Iíd eat until after the baby. We had a nice dinner despite the uncomfortable contractions. The contractions got down to 4 minutes each and then STOPPED!

Christian, Psalm and GrandmaMonday I had pressure, but no contractions. Iím exhausted because Iíve been awakened nightly by a contraction around 1 in the morning, then Iím afraid to go back to sleep because Iím looking to time them, but thereís nothing to time. Last night, I did spend three hours in Labor and Delivery. I was feeling "leaky" all day and was sure my water bag had broken, but Iím here writing this journal entry so it was not. Itís been in the 90ís here for the past couple of day, so that with increased vaginal discharge had me fooled and we walked the walk of shame last night.

So here we are at the beginning of week 36. I doubt itíll be as full of adventure as last week. I thought for sure Iíd at least made some cervical change since my last doctorís appointment, but the only thing that changed is Brooklynís head is at station -3 instead of -4. I have a doctorís appointment on Monday, that she doubted Iíd make it to, but Iím starting to think Iíll make this one and the next one too. I feel like as long as we were unprepared she was trying to make her appearance, now that weíre ready for her to come sheís deciding she needs to stay a little while longer. Iím not mad because she could afford to bake until week 37, but everything has made me so anxious. Iím ready to get things over with.

Until next week,

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