Christian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36
~ Still Hanging Around

Thereís nothing new or exciting to report this week. Miss Brooklyn has decided to stay put this week and seems like indefinitely. We had a pretty slow week of contractions and cramping, but no real progress. Solomon is of the belief that sheís in her recliner sipping a cup of tea and just as soon as the tea runs dry, sheíll be throwing a fit and rushing to come out. A little over the top, I know, but the scenario was pretty funny to imagine.

I had a doctorís appointment Monday at 36 weeks 5 days. Solomon took the day off work because he was sure that it would be my last appointment. Iíd been feeling crampy and leaky in the early morning hours. I decided to want until my appointment instead of making a special trip to labor and delivery again. The doctor did another examination to find that my bag of waters were still intact. Brooke was still at about -3 station and I was finally a full 2cm and 25% effaced.

Since I write the weeks in retrospect, I am full term as I write, so Iíve made it to the benchmark. It doesnít feel as if labor is impending as things have really slowed done in the last week or so. Iím very tired and Iím seriously thinking of asking for an induction at my next appointment. Sheís still measuring three weeks ahead and feels so heavy, so Iím afraid of her weight at 40 weeks. Brooklyn, itís time for an eviction! Iíll keep you guys posted as to whether Iíll get my induction wish.

Until next week,

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