Christian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 37
~ Miss Brooklyn is going to be evicted!

Well, week 37 has come and gone and Im still here. Im convinced had we not done everything to get prepared for Miss Brookes arrival shed no doubt be here now with me frazzled and stressed. Solomon just went out to get the final item we had to have when she arrives home- the bassinet- and just then my dropped tummy seemed to sit a little higher. Shes definitely comfy in there and I on the other hand dwell in pure misery. Shes definitely a lot bigger than Psalm and my back and hips are feeling the difference.

I had my now weekly MD appointment this Monday at 37 weeks 5 days. My doctor could tell from my face that I was no longer comfortable at all. She did a cervical check to find Im now dilated to 3cm, but baby is still pretty high at -2 station and Im not much more effaced either. So at my appointment next Monday shell be stripping my membranes to see if that gets things started. If that fails, Miss Brooklyn will be officially served her eviction notice and Id be induced at the 39 week mark either next Wednesday or Thursday!

I got my induction wish! Shes still measuring big and my doctor estimated she was over 7 lbs at my appointment. With that being the case and my definitely not being the least bit comfortable anymore, my nice doctor offered to help me out a bit. I feel so much more at ease knowing if she doesnt come sooner shell definitely be here by the end of next week.

Well, thats all for this week. Im waiting by the door for the mailman to bring my new Wii. I never had a video game system before, but this one caught my interest. Maybe thatll heat things up and get Brooke to come on without any help.

Until next week,

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