Christian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 38
~ **Waiting Anxiously**

I wish I had a birth story to write this week, but unfortunately it's still not the case. I also wish I had a very positive, upbeat journal entry, but unfortunately I have not been feeling too positive. I'll spare all the details for another day when I have a musician handy to set the tone with somber violin music. Yeah, it's been that bad, but here's the upside in a nutshell.

I spent Thursday and Friday feeling sorry for myself and feeling like crap. Saturday I was feeling a bit better, so my friend and I hit a few garage sales and Once Upon A Child (a children's resale shop). I had only a few more items to get to be completely ready for Brooklyn's arrival. I was able to get a new bathtub and playmat from the garage sell for $7. I was on my way to Target to get a nursing pillow, but decided to stop at Once Upon A Child instead. I got a brand new My Brest Friend pillow still in the original packaging for $12, which was definitely a steal since I was going to get the same pillow at Target for $40. Later that night, we had friends over, ate pizza, played monopoly and Wii.

Monday was my 38 week doctor's appointment. I was very surprised to have another doctor since my doctor has once again had her days in clinic switched. The new doctor was nice, but I wasn't so nice. I did not realize how attached I was to my old doctor. I felt this lady had no idea what was going on with me and I was very uncomfortable talking to her and repeating everything. I had to tell her my doctor was planning to strip my membranes and schedule an induction for this Wednesday or Thursday. This doctor did strip my membranes (which by the way didn't hurt, but felt rather nice unless I'm officially a weirdo!), but said she couldn't schedule my induction for no earlier than this coming Monday, August 6th. I wanted to throw a hissy fit. I felt I'd be dead by Monday.

Yesterday, I went into Labor and Delivery because I was having a hard time keeping food down. I was serverely dehydrated and needed an I.V. I thought for sure I could convince them to go ahead an induce me then, but no such thing happened. Brooklyn seems to be pretty comfy in there despite all our efforts to "naturally induce" (hint hint). As of last night, I'm 4cm dilated and 30% effaced. I've been having painful contractions, but nothing regular. Everyone still thinks I'll go before the induction, but I seriously doubt it. I am hoping I'll have a smooth induction since my cervix has changed so much, but I also don't want to go too fast and not be able to get the 4 hours of antibiotics for being GBS positive.

Well, the next time you hear from me will be a birth story for sure. I'm doubting I'll have a failed induction since I'm already 4cm, but with the way things have been going I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket.


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