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Week 8
~ The week from H.E. (well, you know where!!!)

I don't even know where to start with this week.

Work: was bad. Really, really bad. The last week of the year is definitely one of our busiest because everyone is trying to get their prescriptions refilled before the prescription co-pays increase at the turn of the year. Knowing that, the Pharmacy Manager and Lead Pharmacy Technician decide they should take two and three week long vacations during this busy time. Work is already frustrating because there's a lot of information that my co-workers and I are not privy to (we're thinking it's along the lines of, say, job security?), but is needed for the pharmacy to run smoothly. So, the temporary workers are brought in just to fill the space and my work is tripled while the pharmacy floor pretty much falls out. It's ridiculous, especially when you're running to the bathroom to vomit every five minutes. I really just wanted to lie on the floor and go to sleep in it all. I dreaded the next day since my normal 13-15 hour work week was changed to 25-30 hours due to the vacations. My feet really got the worst end of the stick. By the end of each day I felt like I was floating anxiously on sore balloons on the verge of bursting.

If that isn't bad enough . . .

Wednesday night, I noticed three huge lumps on different areas of Psalm's body, but all were lymph nodes. So immediately I freaked and thought the worst - "MY BABY HAS CANCER!" I put her pediatrician on page. He called back within minutes and told me to call for an appointment to bring her in tomorrow. I stayed up stressing and getting things prepared for the next day and didn't get to sleep until 1am. Back up at 5:00 to be at work by 7:00 and struggling with my feelings because I hate leaving her when she's sick. Solomon met me with the baby for her 2:45pm appointment. Fortunately, her doctor's office is across the hall from the pharmacy. He really had no immediate answers as to what was wrong with her, but he ordered blood tests to make sure it wasn't anything serious (i.e. cancer - I'm still on edge waiting for the results) and put her on a very strong antibiotic for 10 days to treat a possible resistant bacteria. With my medical background, I didn't really agree with her taking the antibiotics because that's how resistant bacteria is developed - unnecessary use of antibiotics. He's a really smart guy though, so I guess I'll trust him and pray for the best results.

But that's not it . . .

The morning (well really all day) sickness hadn't gotten any better and Friday night I started to feel really bad. By Sunday, I had the nastiest sinus infection. I felt horrible and Psalm thought the sneezing and nose blowing was absolutely hilarious. What a strange sense of humor. So, basically I ended the year and week 8 sniffling, sneezing, being hot then cold, cold then hot, and in the bed.

Hopefully next week will bring brighter days,

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