Christian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 9
~ Improvement and a Baby Bump

This week was a one-hundred percent improvement over last week. My baby does not have cancer. Her results from her blood test came back normal. The lumps are still visible, but are much smaller in size. Her Doc says it was almost certainly a reaction from her immune system to the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccination she received two weeks earlier. He also said the lumps could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to almost a year to completely disappear. I donít want her walking around with lumps for that long because they appear to be painful but itís a heck of a lot better than cancer.

Iím back to my regular work schedule which has been a welcomed relief. Iím still suffering from all-day sickness that usually worsens during the late afternoon, but I notice eating smaller meals at regular intervals helps lessen the nausea. My cold/sinus infection is finally starting to go away. So at least thereís no more double sickness.

I also got a date for my appointment with my new doctor. The group Iím with now is horrible and pretty slow about everything. I was having insurance problems so I wasnít able to schedule my first prenatal appointment until December 17th and the earliest they could see me is January 26th. At that point Iíll be 12 weeks and 2 days, which is a disappointment because by that time in my pregnancy with Psalm I had already had two appointments and an ultrasound. Iím glad Iíd been holding on to a prescription for prenatal vitamins. I also didnít like the hospital where I would deliver either. My new doctor delivers at the best womenís hospital in Illinois and one of the top 25 in the world. Iím thrilled Iíll be delivering my new little one there because I know Iíll get the best possible care. My first appointment with the new doctor is February 22nd. Since Iíll only have one appointment with the other group the switch shouldnít be that bad.

We still havenít shared the news with everyone as of yet. Weíre still trying to think of cute ways to tell everyone. We better hurry because if we donít soon my appearance will definitely spread the news. Yes, Iím sporting a baby bump already! Each day itís becoming increasingly noticeable. Psalm even noticed that there must be a baby in there by lifting my shirt and screaming ďBaby!Ē (When sheís suppose to be napping sheís peeking at A Baby Story) Bad thing is I have absolutely no maternity clothes appropriate for the weather. With Psalm I could wear my regular clothes well into my sixth month, so all I own in maternity are sundresses, Capri pants, and tank tops. I guess itís time to go shopping!

Take care until next week,

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