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Christine's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Christine

Christine's Pregnancy JournalHi Folks!

My name is Christine and I am 31 years old. I am a full-time professional city planner with a Bachelor degree from Sonoma State University and a Masters degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I have been married for four years to a wonderful man, Nicolas. Nic is 27 years old and has a Bachelor degree from Cal Poly SLO and a Masters in Structural Engineering from Cal Berkeley. We have been together for seven years. He is without a doubt my best friend and my biggest fan. Being a few years younger than me, I nearly died of happiness and shock when he told me a little over a month ago that the time was here to start trying to conceive! I thought he was still a couple of years away from being ready, which scared me to death because my biological clock was about ready to explode, no joking matter.

We have 50% custody of the greatest little guy, Joshua Nicolas (6 years old). Joshua is the light of my life (and I sometimes worry about how I could possibly love another child as much, not to mention worry about how to share my time with another child without letting Joshua down). We have just the neatest situation on the planet, and could easily go on Oprah. You see, Josh has essentially had four parents since he was born. I have been with my husband since Josh was born, and Josh's mother has been with the same man since Josh's birth also. All four of us work together to give Josh the best home life possible. It hasn't always been easy and there have been a few messy court scenes, but you'll never believe just how far we have come. Most people's mouths drop in pure shock when they hear this, but this past Christmas Josh's mom and stepdad and 18 month old sister spent the night at mine and my husband's house on Christmas eve so that Josh could be with his entire family on Christmas morning, rather than with only half of it (as the court order reads)!! Yes, that is right. I stayed up til one in the morning wrapping presents and drinking hot chocolate with Josh's biological mother while his dad and stepdad were in the garage playing darts!! Unbelievable!

I have a great family and some special friends. My mom and dad divorced when I was 23 years old. My dad is remarried and my mom is remarrying this coming May. I see both of them regularly and they are incredibly supportive of most everything I do in life. I don't know what I would do without them.

I enjoy being outdoors, whether it is hiking or taking Josh to the park. I am an avid reader (mostly bestseller types since I have been out of college, taking a breather from academia for a while) and I have been cross-stitching since my Nanna taught me how in sixth grade! I love movies and my favorite TV show is Scrubs.

I think this just about covers it! Oh, except to let you all know that Nic and I managed to do everything right and then Mother Nature gave us a push. We conceived the first month off the Pill. Personally, I think my husband just really wanted to get back into the hot tub that I had banished him from while we were trying!! Anyway, I hope that you enjoy my journey as much as I am going to!

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