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Week 10 ~ March 3, 2005
~ Getting Better!

Hallelujah! I have felt so much better this week! It is amazing how noticeable just the slightest improvements are when you have been feeling so crappy for so long! I still spent this week tired and going to bed early, but the nausea has come way down. I even fixed dinner a couple of nights, just like old times! The boys were so happy! I was beginning to get really worried about keeping my secret at work because I was walking around like a pale grumpy zombie when I am usually described as someone who is always happy. Seriously, several people over the course of my life have asked me "Do you ever stop smiling?" The first time was back when I was a kindergartner and the school bus driver asked my mom "Is she always this happy and smiley?" So now that I am at least smiling part of the day I think my secret is safe a while longer.

I have been really enjoying the growing bond I share with my husband. He has been so completely supportive. It has really taken me away. And his excitement over something that is not really even tangible to him yet, especially given he is an engineer, is amazing. He even sent me a poem the other day when I was feeling particularly nauseous about it all being worth it. I didn't even know that side of his brain worked! I am continually touched by his kindness, creativity and thoughtfulness. I had a very beautiful 'I love you' card hidden in a bag I take to work just this morning! I told him he had better be careful, as hormonal as I am he is likely to reduce me to a babbling mess of tears by doing things like that!!!

And another thing I am so excited about is telling Josh about the baby. The time is getting closer and I cannot wait to see how he reacts. He is going to be thrilled. He has a baby sister (22 months) at his mom's house and he has told us he wants a brother at our house. He is so cute with his baby sister and loves her so much, but I rarely get to see them together, so I cannot wait to regularly see him express that side of himself!

Next week will be a fun report as I will have had my next doctor's visit!

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