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Week 11 ~ March 11, 2005
~ We Met Jellybean

Week 11 started off great!!! We had our second doctor's appointment and everything was perfect. Our doctor tried to do an abdominal ultrasound but our little Jellybean was just too low. So, she did a vaginal ultrasound again. Although I have been reading every book and know what Jellybean is supposed to look like developmentally at this stage, NOTHING and I mean nothing could've prepared me for the image I saw on the screen. I don't know what I was expecting to see, but there on the monitor was a full-blown human baby!!! Jellybean was no longer just a little bean on the screen, rather a real baby with a head, belly, two little feet and two good sized arms with hands!! Jellybean even put on a little show for us in the beginning, squirming around and showing us his/her terrific athletic skills! Then, just as quickly as it was moving, it stopped. When I made a comment, the doctor explained that the baby just went to sleep, that quickly. Once it stopped moving we were able to better see the fuzzy movement of the heart beating. It was no longer that obvious, large black/white blip from the first ultrasound, where it was obvious there was not much else around besides the heart, but now with all other development having occurred around it, the heart was harder to distinguish. But we saw it, and it was fantastic!!! Our doctor was great, she let us just stare and stare at our perfect little baby as long as we wanted (which is cool, cause I am sure she's seen it all before!). I just held Nic's hand and tried not to cry. It was such an unbelievable experience. I think the most moving part for me was that for some reason it was so unexpected! I just didn't think our baby would be so well defined already! I thought I would need much more explanation from the doctor as to what I was looking at, but that was happily not the case.

We also asked the doctor about telling our son the news at this point and she confirmed that now is as safe a time as any other time for the remainder of the pregnancy. We are out of the woods for the most part, and past that high-risk period. Given that information, we told Joshua the very next day. We told him by showing him the ultrasound picture and asking if he knew what it was. He knew right away and got the largest ear-to-ear grin on his face. Then he put on his 'I am embarrassed' act, came over to me and whispered in my ear, "baby". Nic and I told him yep, that is what it is and that the baby is growing inside my belly right now. He said, "That is inside you already?" . . . so cute! It took him a couple of days but soon he was asking questions and making all sorts of adorable comments. He now says goodbye, goodnight, and good morning to Jellybean all the time and has asked if he can go to our doctor appointments (he remembers going to some of the appointments his mom had when she was pregnant with his baby sister two years ago). He is so thoughtful!

I did a little maternity clothes shopping and discovered the wonderful world of maternity jeans!! Holy cow! Mine are a little big still, but even being big they are by far the most comfortable jeans in the world! I definitely have an expanded tummy, but have stopped gaining weight. It is kinda fun, now that I have learned to let go of my need to control and understand every little thing, to see how my body is adapting to the changes. Everyday there is a little something different. I am relieved that it seems to be happening slowly. For example, my breasts are growing, but slowly. They are not too terribly sore. I don't want them to be touched and sometimes they hurt if I am hugged too hard or roll over on them in the middle of the night, but there is nothing unbearable about it. And the tenderness varies in intensity daily, so I know if they are really sore it won't be for long. That is kinda the same for everything that is changing within me.

I have had some pretty decent days, with very little nausea . . . hooray! In fact, I thought it was all over last weekend because I had a little bit on Friday, even less on Saturday and then ZERO nausea on Sunday! It was GREAT! BUT, pregnancy is anything but predictable (you don't need to beat me over the head with it) and I woke on Monday totally ill and stayed ill all day long and into the night. Then Tuesday and Wednesday I was back to waves of nausea that came and went throughout the day! So we shall see what Week 12 has in store for us, hopefully smooth sailing!

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