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Christine's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 12 & 13 ~ March 21, 2005
~ Hello Second Trimester

The time is flying by! For the most part I am feeling better, which is a very good thing. Being nausea free allows me time to get excited and happy about being pregnant. I have spent the last two weeks very busy with both home and work life, while trying to cram in a little fun, too. The Saturday before last we went as a family (all four parents) to take Josh up to the snow. Josh had fun snowboarding and he is getting pretty good at it. He got to go on runs with his other three parents while I actually stayed in the lodge and got some much needed work done; and then later in the day I took him out to the little bunny slope area and walked up and down the slopes with him. It was so much fun watching him and cheering him on; he is getting to be such a big boy. We had a nice time all together as a family, stopping for breakfast and dinner on the road. Then on Sunday, Nic and I went to the City (San Francisco) with my brother and his girlfriend, whom we were meeting for the first time. My brother and she were living together in Colorado until he decided to move out here to be closer to family (thank goodness). He is actually staying with us for a few more months until he can move his girlfriend out here. It was a beautiful day in the City and we went to the highest spot (the top of the Bank of America building), Pier 39, and Fisherman's Wharf.

I have finally told my work that I am expecting and what a GIANT relief that was. I had really been stressing out about the right time to tell for a couple of weeks (due to some local office politics), but it is so nice to have it out there now. And the ladies in my office are just so excited for me. They all know how much I have wanted this. I had fun telling them (after I told my boss). I bought some cupcakes and some little baby shower favors that were shaped like bibs with the word Baby to put on top of the cupcakes. Then two coworkers (who were in on the secret) designed some labels that said, "Surprise! From Christine and Jellybean". Then they passed them out! It was fun! A couple of my coworkers said they had an idea from all those weeks of me not feeling good!

I am so looking forward to the second trimester!! I have already noticed a big (to me anyway) expansion of my belly. It seems a little early for that, especially since this is my first biological baby, but who am I to argue with nature. I haven't gained all that much weight. I would estimate that my total first trimester gain was only 5 pounds. But it definitely seems to be all in my belly and breasts. I am beginning to think about different birthing techniques, so you can expect my ponderings and questions to show up on some future entries.

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