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Week 16 ~ April 12, 2005
~ Settling In

Christine at 16 weeksHip, hip, hooray!! I only had one really yucky day of nausea out of seven this week!! I can't believe it! Please let this be the end, finally! This was a really fun week. I am really settling into this pregnancy thing. I have some energy back and have been able to stay up later and feel more human during the work week! It's fantastic. In fact, with all the extra energy my mind has been racing and I feel like I have been slacking in the research and exercise departments. I really need to start figuring out the whole birth plan thing. There are so many options these days that I know there is a plan out there that is perfectly suited to me. I just have to be diligent in my research and find it! I also have not been too on top of the planning of the baby room, or baby names, maternity leave, etc. See, I have been slacking! It is starting to feel like it is building up. I need to get on it! Can you tell I am a planner?

As for exercise, I do walk one or two times at work everyday for about 15-20 minutes (fast, brisk), but I really want to find a prenatal yoga class. There are two major benefits of prenatal yoga class over a regular yoga class from what I can tell. First, I will get to meet other pregnant women in my area, which would be GREAT. Second, the instructor will focus on proper technique and breathing as it relates specifically to labor and delivery and they will not ask you to perform unsafe poses. I have a gym membership that Nic purchased right in the height of my morning sickness and so I haven't checked it out yet. They have regular yoga classes there, free with the membership. But I am thinking it would really be worth it to take a prenatal yoga class one day a week from an outside source.

Another fun thing that happened this week was that I got to show off my burgeoning belly to my family and friends for the first time. It was my Uncle's 60th birthday party and my Aunt and Uncle, cousins, Grandma and friends were there to ooh and ahh, rub the belly and generally make me feel really special and excited to be pregnant! My cousin was there with his 4.5 month old son and holding him was so awesome and had so much more meaning now that I am pregnant.

I went for my AFP test last Friday. The results take about 10 days, so they say, so I still have many more days to wait. I am trying not to think about it, but it is pretty much constantly on my mind like those dull little headaches that can last for days.

In addition to the increase in energy, decrease in nausea, I am experiencing the following symptoms: minor lower back pain, shortness of breath when doing my break walks, some heartburn (I get full really fast and stay full for a while, the food just sits there), frequent urination (with not much flow, which is a total pain) and I get a daily craving for cup of noodles around 9:30 every morning!

Josh continues to be excited about the baby. He has also asked such fun questions as 'How will Jellybean get out?' and he seems to be wrapping his brain around the way his special family is structured. He has said on more than one occasion that Jellybean will be 'Daddy's second baby, just like Mommy has two babies'. I usually tell him that is true, but that just because he didn't come from me or Tony that his still our baby, too and that Jellybean will be my second baby also. I think he really gets that but that it is important to him and his little organized self that he let us know that he understands the biology of who belongs to whom. He is such an amazing child, so perceptive and bright.

Well that is about it for Week 16. Can't think of much else! See ya next week!

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