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Week 17 ~ April 19, 2005
~ Getting Bigger

The AFP results are in and 'it's ALL good'!!! I am so relieved and happy. I don't know my official risk factor because Nic spoke to the office when I was not home, but I will get it next week when I go in for my next appointment. But all that really matters is that everything is most likely just fine. Yeah Jellybean!

This week was another good week. I had very little nausea, maybe just a couple of hours over the entire week; I can totally deal with that! I've been cruising around in my new little 'vroom vroom' car and focusing on my Mom's upcoming wedding (May 7). This past weekend we had her bridal shower at my Aunt's house. Mom came the day before, and we went shopping for my Maid of Honor dress and measured Josh for his ring bearer tuxedo! It was a lot of fun and so nice to have the energy to do all of the running around and preparation. However, by Sunday I was beat and cranky (sorry Nic). I have discovered that while I have not been overly emotional or hormonal to this point, that I can get angry a lot quicker. I really need to pay attention to my body and realize when I am tired, or overextended to just go be by myself (of course Nic could help by monitoring my condition a little more closely and knowing when I have had enough, but it is in no way his responsibility). Anger is not healthy for me, Jellybean or my marriage!

I swear that I am getting a bigger belly (and breasts) each week. It is just amazing to me that my little Jellybean has caused my belly to be so large already. But boy, it is fun! I just love to rub it. Speaking of paying homage to my belly, I have been really trying to feel movements! I think I felt a little single solitary movement back in Week 16. This week I think (I wish I knew for sure) I have felt Jellybean move a few more times. It doesn't feel anything like butterflies or flutters like most people have told me it would feel. It feels like a soft flick of the fingers from the inside and it is usually just once or twice in a row.

My back pain is getting to be a little more frequent, bummer. I have scoliosis in my lower back because my legs are different lengths, which causes my hips to sit unevenly (probably from a morning sickness my mother took when she was pregnant with me, although in a class action lawsuit against the drug company no guilt was established, it was only taken off the market). For the last several years I have been virtually pain free in my lower back, but I had a lot of low back pain as a teenager and younger child. The pain I am feeling now feels just like that old pain. When I lay flat or sit, sometimes my back just goes into spasms, ouch! So, I am kind of nervous that it is only going to get worse (but maybe it won't, think positive). So…needless to say this has totally motivated me to check into prenatal yoga. I have found the perfect class and the instructor is going to let me know if there is room in her class for me starting next week! It sounds great, she is a Doula and pregnant with her second baby (a few weeks ahead of me). She only does small classes and the first 45 minutes of class includes a forum in which we discuss specific topics related to pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. The second half of class involves practicing breathing and gentle Hatha yoga postures, followed by deep relaxation. All yoga postures are safe for all stages of pregnancy and no prior yoga experience is necessary. So it sounds perfect for me!

Until next week!

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