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Week 20 ~ May 12, 2005
~ Halfway There!

Christine and her momHalfway there!! Amazing. I cannot believe that I have reached the halfway point. Time is just flying by. Being so busy at work has a lot to do with the quick passage of time. Well, this week came and went with the passing of a momentous occasion... my mother's wedding! What a phenomenal event this was! She was a stunning bride! It was hard to tell which one of us was glowing more, that's for sure! Since this is a pregnancy journal I am going to gear my comments toward the event as experienced by my 'pregnant' self, otherwise we would be here all day with a 10 page emotional novel on the spirituality and beauty of the day (there was a rainbow in the shape of ring overhead during the vows for crying out loud! Can't get more spiritual than that). So, as a pregnant daughter of the bride let me just say that it is a good thing this day took place in the second trimester and not the first, cause damn it sure took a lot of energy and work to pull off. We didn't have a wedding planner; it was mostly just me, mom and my aunt coordinating every aspect! But thank goodness that the day before and the morning of the event the groom's family was around to help out. Help out doesn't even begin to express the level of work they did to make this day perfect! They were so awesome, putting food trays together, decorating, and accommodating me running around in the chaos and tornado that was the 'wedding'! I truly feel like me, Nic, Josh and my brother have a whole new family now, a family that is so down to earth and so loving and generous. They are so cool; they are totally looking forward to this new little baby and just totally doted on me, making me feel so special. And the way they treated Josh was so great! They called him their great-grandson! That was so neat.

Anyway, I am getting sucked into the details, sorry! Back to pregnancy... let's see. At the wedding I got to see a lot of friends and family that hadn't seen me pregnant and it was very fun showing off my little Jellybean! One reality that seems to be different than the books is the stomach touching. The books warned me that people, upon seeing my belly, would pretty much be groping me all the time. This has not been my experience at all. In fact, I had to assure many family members to 'go ahead, rub my belly all you want'. Either I have a very socially conscious family or the books are wrong. I am definitely open to all the belly rubbing anyone wants to do (at least at this point)! I am proud of this baby and the development occurring.

Let's see what else… the prenatal yoga is going great (I just love the closeness I feel with Jellybean) but I have yet to supplement this once a week class with some other form of exercise (other than my work walks, which have drastically dwindled due to extreme work overload). I really need to find some time to exercise.

Oh, Nic and I watched a couple of baby-type delivery shows on TV to try to educate ourselves on different birthing techniques. Now, back in the days when I longed to be pregnant these shows were just so awesome and amazing to me. I would 'ooh and ahh' and get goosebumps of anticipation. So sitting down to watch the first one I was all a flutter with excitement, here it is, finally my turn! WRONG!!I nearly died. If Nic wasn't by my side I would have turned the first show off. I could not stand to watch the women grimacing in pain, even the more mildly behaved women touched every single empathetic nerve in my body… I was cringing, not in fear, but in sympathy and amazement. Don't get me wrong though, I am afraid, just not in a bad way. More on that to come.

The message I got from the shows was that I really want to learn more about natural childbirth. From what I have seen, read, etc, it seems that the first medical intervention (whatever it may be, epidural, etc) just leads to more and more medical interventions (fetal monitoring, IV's, etc) and that equates to less and less control for me and Nic in the whole birth process. I don't want that! Birth is natural and normal. That is not to say that I am opposed to all medical interventions. Hell, I may consider some good pain reducing pharmaceuticals, but I am just not willing to relinquish my will and my priority in the process to the doctors.

Our big ultrasound is next week! Nic and Josh would still love to know the gender so we shall see if they prevail!

I can feel the baby moving a lot more now and Nic felt the baby for the first time a couple of nights ago! It was so fun seeing his reaction! He was so excited to finally feel what I had been feeling. I really notice the baby at night when I lay flat in bed. This seems to be the position that gets Jellybean going. Did I mention that I purchased my first baby items? I have gotten one gift and some hand-me downs but I just couldn't resist any longer! So one day, when I was supposed to be shopping for wedding stuff for my mom, I ran over to the Baby Department!!! I must've looked at each neutral newborn piece of clothing 3 times! I touched everything, imagined Jellybean in the little clothes and just had a lot of fun! I only ended up buying a couple of cute newborn toys and a package of three onesies, but it was so much fun I will be shopping again soon!

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