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Week 25 ~ June 17, 2005
~ Back Problems

A couple of things to report, but nothing out of the ordinary. The first part of the week my back finally said, 'enough's, enough!' and went caput on me. I was taking my normal walk on break at work and right at the end (thank goodness we were within in sight of the door) all of a sudden the aching pain that has been just hanging around for a while in the same isolated spot (lower left butt cheek, sacroilliac) changed to a stabbing, twisting knife-like pain. I could not take a step on my left leg without severe pain and it took all of my strength to hobble to the bathroom where I could sit. I waved off my walking partner, sending her back to her desk, because frankly I was freaked out, didn't know what was happening and just wanted to be alone to cry. I took a couple of minutes to think and realize that I had to call Nic, leave work, and call my doctor.

Long story short, the doctor spoke with me over the phone (she has known about the ache) and told me that I really needed to lie down and ice it. Fortunately, I was able to do that for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, I had to go to work the next morning to finish a report. I did manage to get out by 1 pm and go home to lay on my back, ice it again and then had to go back to work for a 7:30 pm Planning Commission meeting. The next day I took the whole day off and by the end of that day it was nearly all better, almost back to just the constant dull ache. So, I am not doing those brisk walks at work anymore, instead taking slower walks in the evenings with Nic and Josh (which is much more enjoyable anyway!!). I am also walking slower, in general (I usually walk at mach speeds) and am generally being cautious of my movements. It seems to help; I haven't had anymore of the awful pain, just back to the dull ache, which is (surprise, surprise) much more tolerable now, knowing how much worse it could be.

The other thing to tell you about is our birthing class. Sunday night we went to our first class and had a good time. Nic and I both went into it with a cautiously optimistic attitude. He was eager to learn more about the coach's role, but not so excited about a 3 hour class length. "That's longer than our college classes, Christine!" he said. But after all was said and done, I think we both got a lot out it and are going to learn a lot of great tools to give me the confidence to try a natural childbirth and to give Nic the confidence in his ability to help me. And I can't say how much I loved having Nic participating with me. I think it is so good for him to see other couples and hear about their experiences (we did a lot of information sharing, not our favorite part), so that he could hear other fathers going through the same stuff, feeling a bit isolated and confused about what to do, etc. I really liked the instructor; she has had two natural childbirths and is very down to earth. Probably the most shocking thing I learned was that I need to do more of my yoga-type exercises (surprisingly the exercises advocated by Bradley are all yoga moves) and that I need to drastically increase my protein intake (in accordance with the Bradley Method).

Not much else to report. My belly is really stretching and feeling so tight, lately. I know it is going to get a lot bigger, but I really wonder how that is possible. I am still fairly energetic but have noticed more 'moods' lately. Well, that's it for this week! See ya next time!

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