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Christine's Pregnancy Journal

Week 26 ~ June 23, 2005
~ Run-of-the-Mill Pregnant Gal

26 WeeksAnother week has come and gone. My back made a great recovery, I must say! I am still taking it easy, not walking at mach speeds through the office, not taking my work walks instead taking slower strolls in the evening (most nights), and that seems to help. Haven't I mentioned how much I enjoy the walks with Nic and Josh? Also, I went to a wedding and did not wear my 'lift' tennis shoes for the 5 hours or so that we were there, and the next night I ended up having to ice it again 'cause it was starting to really hurt. So, proof that my shoes are key to keeping the pain under control.

This week was momentous for our family in that our little man 'graduated' from first grade! Wow!!! I can't believe it. Time flies by. I am so excited for him, though. I remember second grade as probably my favorite of the elementary school grades. I hope that he gets as much enjoyment from next year as I did. He has made some great improvements over the school year as far his academics are concerned and we (his four parents) couldn't be prouder. But he does need to work on reading, a lot. So, we have a great workbook and the local library's summer reading program that will hopefully help him to improve a bit before the next school year starts. We are also thinking about a tutor for the summer.

Nic and I attended our second Bradley class and learned a lot about nutrition. We also saw some great diagrams of just how this baby is sitting in the body and what is happening to the other 'stuff' that is normally occupying the baby's space. Man, did those photos ever put the bladder problem into perspective! You should really see the size of the bladder once the uterus has expanded; it becomes so much smaller and then the baby just sits right on it! Another interesting thing to see is the stomach. Because the uterus is expanding upward, also, it is pushing the stomach into a smaller, tighter space. No wonder I am full after half sized meal! Then, if you are like me, wondering why you feel so full for so long, like your food is just sitting there not leaving your stomach, it's because your intestinal tract has been transformed into some weird, bunched up version of itself. The food has a really rough journey ahead of itself once it leaves the stomach! Can you tell I was fascinated?!

Oh, I nearly forgot! Very late in this week I think I got a bout of food poisoning. Nic and I ate at a Mexican food restaurant after our Bradley class and the next day about 9:00 am I am once again (like with my back) in the bathroom of my work sitting in the locker room area trying not cry because I am having such god-awful cramps. Needless to say, I do not need to tell you what happened after that (everyone has probably had food poisoning at least once in their lives). But as soon as I was physically able, I left work and called the doctor. I have had this experience before as a non-pregnant woman, and I know that there is nothing to worry about if it is not too severe, but being pregnant changes everything. I wanted to make sure that my baby would be ok, and that my cramping and stuff would not negatively impact her. The doctor reassured me and said that if the cramping continued or got more severe over the course of the day to call her and she would bring me in to monitor the baby, but that first to go take some Imodium and drink fluids. Sure enough, by the evening I was much better. And my baby girl seems to be just fine. Phew!

No new symptoms to report. I feel blessed that I have had a relatively problem free pregnancy. I am just your run-of-the mill pregnant gal, going to the bathroom several times a night, feeling tight and full all the time, congested every morning, enjoying my voluptuous and 'heightened' physical state, being nervous and excited about the baby at the same time, worrying about going back to work, juggling husband, children, and career, wondering how I am ever going to decide on a name for this precious little life, needing help to tie my shoes, etc, etc, etc. See, I am just a normal pregnant woman! See ya next week!

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