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Christine's Pregnancy Journal

Week 27 ~ June 30, 2005
~ Time is Flying!

We had another doctor's appointment this week! Time is really flying. I don't know about other pregnant gals, but even though I like my doctor and I think she is going to be great in the delivery room, I am so frustrated by quickie appointments. I have figured out that it is really incumbent upon me to come to the appointment with questions otherwise I am just in and out; pee in a cup, step on the scale, take blood pressure, hear the heartbeat and measure the belly. I am all for a good quickie but this is too important of a time in my life! So, this time I peppered her with some good conversational questions. We talked about some of the things we are learning in our Bradley class. For example, I asked if the hospital was going to require continuous external fetal monitoring and thankfully she replied no. This means I will be free to move around, should I choose to do so. I also asked her if she would allow me to labor freely or if she would be 'pushing' Pitocin on me if my labor stalled out for an hour or so. She thankfully replied no. The only time she will suggest Pitocin is if my water breaks and labor has not started within 24-48 hours. Basically, through our conversation, I reaffirmed what I had learned when Nic and I 'interviewed' her at our first appointment. She is pretty much exactly what I want, hands-off as far as interventions go! She believes in natural birth and is only there to help with the pushing and delivering of the baby, unless other medical attentions are required. Phew!

The week was excellent as far as my physical state of well-being! I experienced very minimal back pain and no food poisoning episodes! Woo Hoo! I am seeing a little bit of fatigue creep in, but it is very doable still. Oh, and our little Jellybean disturbed my sleep for the first time this week. She was movin' and groovin' one night and really stomped on a couple of my internal parts. I woke up going, "Ouch!", but as I am a master of sleep, I was able to just fall right back asleep. Since that night I think she has only wakened me one other time. Of course, I am still waking about 3 times a night to go to the bathroom. I have found it completely useless to try to limit my fluids in the evening….it seems like I am thirsty 24 hours a day. I drink all day, and night. When I wake to pee, I have to drink cold water or else I just lay in bed awake, feeling thirsty, so now I don't even fight it anymore and guzzle a glass after my pit stop! Nic and Josh are still excited about Jellybean. Josh felt her kick 'fourteen times!' the other morning; he was studiously counting! He tells her he can't wait to see her and asks "What do you look like?" Whenever Nic talks to Jellybean she kicks his face! That's probably because he is telling her not to listen to anything Mommy says. See she knows better already! Smart girl!

The time to create the nursery is nearly upon us. I can't wait to start painting and stuff! It's going to be so much fun! I am getting really eager to start! We are just waiting for my little brother to move out in the next couple of weeks and then we can move our computer room into his room and turn the existing computer room into Jellybean's room!

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