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Christine's Pregnancy Journal

Week 28 ~ July 7, 2005
~ Getting More and More Psyched

This week flew by. I am getting larger and larger. People are often pretty shocked when they find out I still have two and half months of pregnancy to go. The common response is how many are in there? But I have been around other pregnant gals further along than me and they are definitely larger, plus my doctor has never indicated that I am large for my due date. I think I get the reaction because I am shorter and am definitely carrying this little one all in my belly.

I am having a great pregnancy with no real medical problems or issues (other than the recurring back problem). I feel so lucky! But…no pregnancy goes without those normal little annoyances and symptoms. So, here's a rundown on those little annoyances that I have been experiencing recently. First of all, HEARTBURN! I get it morning, noon and night; but mostly morning and night. Tums seems to help, but that's about it. Another fun symptom that I haven't experienced since very early in the first trimester is constipation. Yes, this is such a fun one!!! I am guzzling water and walking several evenings a week, eating some type of fruit daily, but I feel like none of it is working. I have taken a few Colace pills, recommended by my doctor. They are supposed to be very gentle, and I would have to agree because they don't do much. Granted I am not taking as many as I could, but I hate to take any sort of pill. Anyway, I am optimistic that this cannot continue for long and is just something temporary. We shall see. Those are probably the two biggest symptoms. Others include bleeding gums, more painful kicks and movements by the baby on my bladder causing pinching sensations, problems getting comfortable at night, more frequent pee-trips in the middle of the night, and fatigue.

Other than all of that, I am still enjoying the prenatal yoga and the Bradley birthing classes. I am getting more and more psyched up for the birthing experience, feeling more and more confident in my abilities (especially with Nic's encouragement). I am also looking forward to maternity leave. I am going to get my plan ready this weekend and present it to my employer next week. I am not sure exactly what it is going to be, but I am excited that the time is approaching! And I am starting to come to grips with the reality of having to go back to work. I am still concerned with how it will emotionally affect me, but I am at least starting to feel proud and excited to have my career that I worked so hard for.

Josh continues to be excited about his new little sister and I got my first gift that acknowledges his status as a big brother. Josh's other mom bought me a few little baby goodies (including the cutest little sleepers), and one of them was an adorable bib that says "I love my big brother". I love it, and so does Josh! That was so thoughtful of her to go out and find that! I am so excited for him to be experiencing this. I was seven (the same as Josh will be) when my little brother (only sibling) was born and the age difference was perfect, in my opinion. I can remember when he was born; I remember changing diapers and playing with him. I swear I felt like he was my baby. And as we both grew up the seven year age difference really made me feel a sense of protectiveness and love for him. I hope Josh looks back on this when he is an adult and can say he had similar positive experiences.

Ok, that's it for this week!

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