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Week 30 ~ July 21, 2005
~ Time is flying by!

30 weeksWeek 30, already! Amazing. I really can't believe that my due date is in only 10 weeks. This week was so much nicer than last! Let's see… Nic and I got away for the weekend with another couple to stay at their cabin in gorgeous Bear Valley. It was so nice to just relax, read, sleep, eat and play in the lake. The lake was a bit of an adventure, though. The group coerced me into traversing the underwater rocks over to a large rock island, not one island out, but two! And with the water levels higher than normal right now there were times when the water level was at my ears! But overall, it was a fun experience, balancing me and Jellybean across the lake wasn't so difficult since the water made us so buoyant. I had a great time, and I kept wondering how Jellybean was feeling!

Nic and I also attended another Bradley birthing class session (we missed the week before since I was in the hospital) and learned all about the Transition and Second Stages of labor. Wow! It sounds tough, ladies, but I have to say… I think I can do it! We got to do practice contractions grasping ice in our hand for 90 seconds and having our coaches utilizes different techniques to get us through it. The point being to see what did or did not annoy us while our body was in tension (granted ice is NOT equivalent to a contraction, I am sure of that). But the funny part was that the coaches had to do it first with the moms playing the coach's role. That was fun!!!! I really enjoyed seeing what Nic will have to go through, and I feel for him (really, I do, at least a little bit). He is going to be watching me try to manage this pain and have to guess what will make me feel better and what will help me relax more between contractions. Not an easy task! Although, I would take it any day over squeezing a watermelon out of a lemon sized hole!

My little brother also moved out this week. Thankfully, he only moved about 15 minutes away, phew!!! But it was sad for me nonetheless. We get along so well, and he really makes me laugh. I love that little guy! I think I mentioned that I was seven years old when he was born, same as Josh will be when Jellybean comes, and I just love that age difference! Speaking of being sad, Josh was really sad, too. But thankfully, Steven moved on a night that we had Josh and so he got to see it happen, rather than come back to our house with Steven all gone. We did tell Josh that now we can start getting Jellybean's room ready, but I don't know how much that helped.

My very last monthly doctor's appointment is tomorrow. I can't wait. I have some more questions about labor and her normal way of doing things. Also, my family and friends baby shower is in two days!!! I am sooooo excited for that! I can't wait to show off my big 'ol belly to them all! And I can't wait to play the games and hear all the stories about their experiences! And of course I can't wait to touch all the cute baby stuff. I have been holding off shopping, even though it is sooo hard. Everytime I go into a store that has baby gear I wander over and fondle all the merchandise! I have bought a couple of things, but not nearly all the stuff I would like to buy in case of duplicating things.

What's up with my body this week? Getting larger, as you can see from the photos! Experiencing MAJOR heartburn and having problems getting comfy at night. But that is basically it. The constipation has eased up a bit, probably because I have increased my water intake due to the kidney stones. My back is doing great. No complaints!! Until next week….

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