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Christine's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 31 & 32
~ The Baby Shower!

Two weeks have flown by, I can't believe it. I am getting to be soooo far along in this pregnancy. The highlight of the last two weeks was definitely the baby shower! I think I will talk about that last, and end on a happy note. I will just get all my pregnancy moans and groans out of the way in the first part of this entry. And there are a few to report!

First of all, my new 'kidney stone' diet is just GREAT (said with much sarcasm). Not having my morning decaf mochas (the soy version was GROSS), my nightly ice cream, bowls of Frosted Flakes (which if you will recall was one of my few cravings), my morning yogurt, what else? It just kills me! I am trying to remind myself of the pain and agony I am supposedly averting, but that hardly helps on those awful mornings, or the evenings when you just want that ice cream before bed, not too mention other stuff I can't have just because I am pregnant like caffeine and alcohol.

Now, seriously, I will be totally honest here. I am not a big drinker. I do like a good glass of white wine, an ice cold Corona Lite (remember Weight Watchers, that's only 2 points), or the even more occasional Midori Sour or Fuzzy Navel. So, when I became pregnant I figured abstaining would not be an issue. And secondly, since it wouldn't be a 'sacrifice' on my part, I didn't have any problem with those around me drinking... or so I imagined would be the case. Well, that lasted for about four months, no problem. My husband would drink socially with friends when we were out, or even here at the house from time to time and I wouldn't even bat an eye. Somewhere around month 5 I began feeling a little put off and found myself saying, 'Humph'. By month 7 I had hit full blown irritation and now, at month 8…Fuhgeddaboutit!!! I am not sure what the problem is, but there is a problem all right. Is it jealousy? Over something that is not even that big of a deal to me? Is it being the sober one ALLLLL the time? Now, don't get me wrong it's not like I am constantly around a bunch of heavy drinkers, but even going out to a simple dinner I find myself seriously mad when Nic wants to get a beer or other alcoholic delight. It's not fair... I know. After all, I am protecting the baby, right? I shouldn't even think twice about it. I wish I knew how to just go back to those first months when it didn't bother me, but until I can figure out how to do that I am just going to have find a way to grin and bear it.

Wow, I don't know where that came from; it's not even the biggest complaint I have. Yikes! This entry might just go on and on and on!!

My biggest complaint is not the constant semi-bloody mucous in my nose, or the extra peach fuzz growing on my face. No, not even the heartburn that eliminates my desire for any food whatsoever (and before you say, "why doesn't she just take some Tums?", ladies, they have calcium, no calcium for me because of the kidney stones… and my doctor said I can take Pepcid instead, but I guess because I have to swallow them instead of chew them they seem more harmful to the baby somehow so I rarely take them). My biggest complaint is my ever expanding size and the way the baby just feels like she is going to pop right through my skin! My size is making EVERYTHING uncomfortable and there is still seven more weeks to go, at least. I can't sit on my couch anymore, I can't tie my shoes unless I lift my leg onto some ridiculously high object about boob-level, I can only very uncomfortably reach out to close my car door when I am sitting in the driver's seat, I am out of breath if I speak more than a few sentences (forget about walking and talking, it's all huff and puff then) and most importantly finding a comfy sleeping position is getting to be a huge challenge! Oh wait, and not too mention that about half way through the day she is starting to feel soooooo heavy that sitting in my chair all day long is like being in a torture chamber. I think my productivity at work takes a nose dive around noon… not good for someone with a huge project and necessary overtime hours.

Ok, with all that complaining out of the way I can get to the good stuff!! Maternity leave and baby shower!! First, my maternity leave is starting in three weeks and one day!!!! I CANNOT wait! I decided to take off about one month before because the way our disability system works is you use it or lose it. You can't say that you will only take 1 of the 4 allowed weeks and wrap the other 3 unused weeks into the post-delivery disability time. So, I figure if I am this tired already I better do myself and my baby a favor (and my family, friends and coworkers) and just get the heck out of Dodge, ASAP. I haven't taken a vacation longer than a few days in years, except last year when we bought our house. I took off one week, but that wasn't a real vacation that was a working-stressful-endorphin filled vacation. So, as one of my friends pointed out (what a good friend) in my many moments of guilt over leaving work so early, I DESERVE IT and SO DOES JELLYBEAN! So I am already counting the days. Of course I am trying very hard not to stress about getting everything I need to get done by that date! It's always a Catch 22, isn't it!

Oh and quick funny side story... kinda like a commercial break, ha! I had a very funny pregnant moment last weekend at a restaurant. Nic and I went out to dinner with a college friend of mine and her new husband. The hostess walked us promptly over to our nice booth and Stacy and I started to scooch into it. And much to my shock and amazement, I couldn't fit. My belly was too big, can you believe it?!! Well, I was in shock, so Stacy smartly reacted and began to move the table over to her side (we were on opposite sides). I am sure she figured that the table just must've been moved a little too close to our side... WRONG! As she moved the table away from me, my belly was still touching the edge, but now it was also touching her (and she is a skinny-minnie!). We all very embarrassedly walked back out the front to find out where another open table was. Stacy was kind enough later to point out that that particular table must've been weird or something because normally the tables are too far away from booth-seats. And while I agree with her, I am not so sure that it wasn't just me and Jellybean sucking up all that space!!!

Anyway, the other exciting news of the past two weeks was the baby shower!! My Mommy and friend Sara threw me the MOST amazing shower! It was fabulous! We had it at my house, out in the backyard. It was a gorgeous day, but a bit hot. We ended up moving it inside for the gifts and cake! And boy was there ever gifts!! I am so touched by people's generosity! I got some of the big items, and what a relief that is! I got my car seat, stroller, portable crib, bathtub, and bouncer. I also got a bunch of diapers (if you haven't heard of the diaper raffle you must look it up online or email me) and of course a BAZILLION adorable items of baby girl clothing!! But the most touching gift of all was from my Josh.

First, some background... when I was 7 (Josh will be 7 next month) my mom had my brother. One day late into her pregnancy she took me on this LONG walk that seemed to last for hours (she said it would help the baby come). When we came home I was exhausted and of course bored. So she sat me down at the kitchen table with a gigantic stack of magazines, some scissors and some tape and told me to make a collage for the baby. So, I did. I cut out all sorts of baby-related stuff and taped it to a piece of poster board. I was so proud; I can still remember a couple of my favorite cut-outs with vivid clarity. Well, that night Steven was born! So... fast forward to when Josh's little sister was due and his mom was having her baby shower. Josh was only 4 at the time, so I had to really help him, but I explained about the collage concept. He made the most adorable one for his new sibling, and I was so excited to pass that tradition on to him. Well, Aubri (Josh's mom) must've remembered because Josh presented me with a gorgeous collage at my shower!!! It had a few pictures for each letter of the alphabet. My absolute favorite was the J… he put a picture of himself and a bunch of Jellybelly pictures! Dang, if that doesn't bring tears to my eyes right now. He also put a picture of Nic for D and me for M. Of course a picture of a hockey rink for H was a definite runner up (all of Josh's parents are big hockey fans, we just don't cheer for the same team). Anyway, it was a long exciting fulfilling day and I was totally wiped out for the rest of the weekend. But boy, the memories will last me a lifetime.

Until next week...

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