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Week 33 ~ August 10, 2005
~ Just Right

Well we are moving right along. This week was so nice! I had a huge deadline at work on Wednesday, but it was so manageable because I knew we were leaving on a little trip Thursday morning! Nic, Josh and I drove up to a little lakeside community near Yosemite, where my mom and stepdad live (and where coincidentally enough we took some childhood vacations). We rented a house for three nights and invited some really good friends up to stay with us. It was really relaxing and beautiful; very good for the soul. We drove into Yosemite one day and explored a bit around majestic Tanaya Lake and hiked a little out in Tuoulome Meadows. Josh had fun counting all the wildlife he saw over the three days. He counted deer, squirrels, badger, picket pins (relative of the prairie dog), and dragon flies. We also spent a whole day down at the lake swimming and playing volleyball. OK, I didn't play volleyball but I watched some of the games. Swimming in the lake was so awesome. Jellybean was weightless. It felt amazing. Whenever I would get out of the water I was blown away by how heavy she really is. I had no idea that the difference would be so drastically noticeable. I basically just stayed in the water as much as possible. I plan on checking out the local public swimming pool so I can enjoy that sensation again.

In spite of the relaxing vacation with my friends, I found myself very quiet and a little moody for no reason other than being pregnant, I guess. I felt a little antisocial, but I think everyone understood. And it was so nice seeing my mom everyday. I wish she lived closer so that I could see her everyday. She is just so supportive and great to have around. Will I be able to be as fantastic of a mother to my Josh and Jellybean as she is? I tried asking her how she did it; how my brother and I were able to tell her everything and think of her as our friend even through the teenage years, and she said if she knew what she did she could write a book and become a millionaire!

The nursery is coming together, slowly. Now that the trip is over all of our weekends are pretty free for working on completing it. We have the first coat of paint up on the walls, we are going with two tones of green; a lighter green on top and darker green on bottom and we will put a chair rail in the middle. We are currently finishing the closet, it needed to be painted and have the rod and shelf torn out so that we could install an organizer. There were holes and a lot of sanding was needed... Nic is having fun. He loves playing with his tools. I can't wait to go on maternity leave and spend a day washing all Jellybean's clothes and putting them away!! Two more weeks of work, phew!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Everything is still right on track. I am measuring just right for the timing. We heard Jellybean's heartbeat, very loudly this time and nice and strong at 150 beats per minute. She has been soooo active the last few days, and I am loving watching her move and roll around. She just loves to slowly push out my right side. It's like she is trying to stretch me to make herself more room, smart girl!

We had our last Bradley birthing class on Sunday. It was a great class overall. Exactly the kind of class I wanted. The last class focused on newborn care and breastfeeding. We also got to see this amazing video showing how a newborn, if placed directly on mom's belly and not taken for testing, will actually journey up the belly to the breast to feed. It's like they are programmed to find the breast for survival. The use some kicking motions, which coincidentally help expel the placenta from the uterus, and some mini-push up type motions to inch their way up and then the use their keen sense of smell to find the breast. This journey can take anywhere from a few minutes to about an hour. Interestingly enough, they have found that babies born from medicated moms do not make the journey with the same success rate. They will still make some of the movements, but typically do not make it without pooping out. That's all the more reason to try for a natural birth, in my opinion. I also read all this in a book called Your Amazing Newborn, so have gotten the same information from more than one source. It seems like a beautiful and yet primal moment to experience. Nic was concerned about how long it would take because he wants to be able to hold Jellybean right away... isn't that just the sweetest thing in the world? I think it is so awesome how excited he is. But I bet that he will be fascinated and thrilled and totally awestruck to watch his daughter find her way to her first real meal. After all he is a man of science and really gets into the whole biological survival of the fittest type stuff. This is probably one the classic examples of life doing what it is meant to do, and has been programmed to do for thousands and thousands of years.

I'll conclude with another funny story for this week... are you ready? I was cooking rice on the stove and went to put the bag of rice away. Well, the bag goes in a cupboard above the stove, so guess what happened when I reached up to put the bag away? My big 'ol belly hit the pot of rice and I got a nice little burn across my belly, right smack in the middle! So I have gone the whole pregnancy with no stretch marks, but will now have a nice little burn scar! Oh well, it's a battle scar, right?!! No pain, no gain!

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