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Christine's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 34 & 35 ~ August 22, 2005
~ Braxton-Hicks

Christine, 34 weeksWow! Two weeks have gone by and I don't have a whole lot to say! It's weird the way you just keep on being pregnant and time just keeps going by… I am definitely at a point where I am experiencing very mixed emotions. I am getting a bit tired of being pregnant, but I am not 'Done', as people who have been pregnant say there comes that point where you are done. I am still very content to have Jellybean inside of me, where she is safe. I have enjoyed being pregnant, but fatigue is hitting again. I took a nap both Saturday and Sunday of this past weekend, and fell asleep after I got home from work one night last week. Part of my fatigue last week was due to a project at work, though.

Food has not been my friend the last two weeks. Nothing sounds good and I am back to finding it difficult to eat protein. I am just not in the mood to eat beef or poultry or pork. Eggs don't sound good either. I am feeling pretty bad about not eating very healthy the last few weeks. In fact, the only thing good I have consistently eaten is fruit. And of course, I am still drinking lots and lots of water!

I can't believe how little my back has been hurting considering the huge load it is carrying. The back pain I was experiencing in the second trimester has gone. I guess my body has adjusted, thank goodness. But the one thing I am experiencing quite a bit more frequently are back spasms, but they last only 5-10 seconds or so and then are gone, so it is quite easy to deal with.

Oh, and in the last day or so I think I have been experiencing some decent Braxton-Hicks contractions. I am not entirely sure if that is what they are, but they must be. It feels like my whole stomach gets firm, and in the beginning it just feels like she is moving and rolling around. But then the firmness I feel kind of sticks around longer than her movements typically are, and it feels like a firm grasp that doesn't let go for a 30-60 seconds, rather than her gently rolling motions. They don't hurt and are barely noticeable, so that is good.

Jellybean still hasn't dropped and turned head down yet. I think she still has plenty of time, but I keep reading that she is supposed to drop soon, or even should have already done so. So, I am trying to not think about it too much, I am a firm believer in positive thinking! My next doctor's appointment is this Thursday, but it will be with a different doctor because mine is on vacation. But the following week, my doctor will be back and I can talk to her about it if she still hasn't turned head down by then; I will be 37 weeks then.

I took Josh to a sibling preparation class last week. He had a lot of fun! He learned how to change a baby diaper and how to burrito wrap a baby. He did a better job at the burrito wrap than me! He was so excited. They watched a pretty corny video told from a kid's perspective and also toured the labor and delivery ward. Josh had already been there when I was in for the kidney stones, so he was walking around strutting his stuff acting like an old pro! I ran into the nurse who was my favorite when I was there and she remembered me. I told her she better be on duty and be my nurse when Jellybean is being born! She loves the Bradley method and I can tell she would be very supportive of mine and Nic's wishes during the labor and delivery, and she is also firm and nurturing at the same time and I respond well to that.

The nursery painting is nearly done, and I love it! It looks so nice! Nic has done the majority of it and he has worked his butt off! We did have a minor fiasco last week. We had moved all of Jellybean's stuff into the computer room and all of her clothes were sorted into size and stacked on the futon. I was planning on washing and putting all of it away when I go on leave. Life rarely goes as planned, and well, one night one of our cats was accidentally shut in there overnight. It wasn't until the weekend when I was sitting on the computer, while Nic was slaving away in Jellybean's room that I smelled a yucky smell…..long story short, Oscar had peed and pooped on the clothes. I was sooooo upset. So, I had to spend the whole day sorting through her clothes (smelling them, YUCK) and figuring out which was to go in the 'pee' pile, 'poo' pile and 'no damage' pile. And then I did some internet research to try to see if I could salvage the pee clothes. I found several recommendations for Nature's Miracle, which Aubri also recommended a few days earlier when we had noticed that Oscar had peed on the back of our couch. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that didn't I? I was told by the vet that it could be him reacting to me being pregnant, but Nic and I actually think it is because our two cats were sharing one box. So anyway, back to the baby clothes… I was so nervous that the pee wouldn't come out as he had actually peed on several of my VERY FAVORITE items. But I soaked those bad boys in the Nature's Miracle and then I washed them in the stuff and guess what?! It all came out…100%! Nothing smells, nothing is stained! I could become the Nature's Miracle spokesperson! I am so happy, you can't even believe it!

Well that is enough for these two weeks. I will be writing again next week from home in my PJ's on maternity leave… woo hoo!!! I can't wait! I can finally have some 'zen' moments with my little Jellybean!

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