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Christine's Pregnancy Journal

Week 5
~ Getting the News

I am five weeks pregnant, whew! While I have not been inundated with symptoms there have definitely been some 'not normal' things going on with me and my body!

At the beginning of this week I was able to go to my family practioner and get the pregnancy confirmed with a urine test. She also sent me to the lab to get my first prenatal bloodwork done. Those results all came back just fine. Even though I wasn't expecting anything to be wrong, it was still a great relief and something my husband and I celebrated.

Another thing we did this week was to take a tour of one of the local hospital's birthing centers. I am fortunate enough to live near three different hospitals and I don't have an obstetrician yet so I thought it would be wise to find the hospital I like best and then find an OB who has privileges there. The hospital we toured was my first choice of the three, from researching their facilities on the internet. And it turned out to be nice. Each mom gets a private room to labor, deliver and recover in. And mom gets to labor any way she chooses (as long as the OB consents). You never leave the room unless you need a C-section, which is still in the maternity ward. The baby never leaves your room, unless medical care in needed. Also, there is a mobile crib to push the baby around in if you feel like taking a walk (and I love to walk). There is a fold away bed for the husband and you can have as many or as few visitors as you like, anytime. So, it seems like we have a winner. I have an appointment with an OB who has privileges at this hospital for early next week.

Let's see. What joyous signs of pregnancy am I encountering? Well, I have had very large and sore nipples since conception, but fortunately the rest of the breast area is just fine (for now!). I have a couple of really moody moments, kinda feels like PMS and I have had overwhelming moments of fatigue. We are talking about someone just dropping a ton of bricks on me and saying, 'lights out, little girl'. Saturday I slept for 13 hours! Most of the time, though, I am just fine. So fine, that I rub my belly and wonder how there could be something in there! When my husband rubs my tummy or talks to the baby, I feel silly, like it is not real!

Well, we shall see what goodies next week has in store for me!

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