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Christine's Pregnancy Journal

Week 6 ~ February 9, 2005
~ First OB Appointment

What a great week this was! Nic and I got to see the baby! That's right, we had our first OB appointment. What an experience that was. My husband and I both took off work early, met up at home and drove together to the appointment. Talk about a memorable experience. The drive had all sorts of thoughts running through my head and I can only imagine what Nic was thinking. I have wanted to have a baby for so long that I just kept thinking how unreal it was that I was on my way to my first appointment.

Once we arrived, we made a trepidatious walk to the office, holding hands. I believe Nic made a comment about not needing the elevator, yet, but someday we would be here for an appointment and be needing to use because I would be too big to climb the stairs! Ha! I don't think so, mister. So, we get into the office waiting room and there are books and stuff about babies everywhere. I know that Nic was more than a little out of his element, but you would have never known it to look at him! Once we were in the room with all the usual gynecological equipment Nic had lots of not so funny comments, about the stirrups, about the gloves, about the pretty looking ceiling, etc! Very funny guy, let me tell you!

But then the doctor came in and the visit began. I don't remember much until the vaginal ultrasound. The doctor had Nic come around next to me so we could hold hands and watch our little jelly belly on the monitor!! Oh my gosh! It was like I was having an out-of-body experience, it felt so surreal. The baby was soooo tiny, but its little heart was beating furiously. The heart looked like a little flashing blip on the screen (blip, blip, blip, blip, blip), with the heart taking up about half of the little embryo. The doctor said everything was fine and that I was six weeks and five days along. We got our first picture of the baby and Nic was so cute about it. He immediately laid the picture nice and flat inside a book so that the paper wouldn't curl up and then in the car on the drive home he suggested we go buy a little frame for our first picture (he knows how much I value my pictures)! I was so touched. I never imagined he would be so into this. I am so lucky!

After that appointment, through the rest of the week, the pregnancy felt so much more real. I remember the shower I took the next morning. I just stood there looking down and rubbing my belly, thinking, oh man my little baby is growing in there!!! Grow baby, grow! I really have a little life growing inside me; a life that is part of me and my husband!

Symptom update: Not much new to report. Had a few days of sore gums, which is normal (I guess). I am still VERY tired. I wish that I could take naps at my job, but since I can't I am trying to go to bed between 8 and 9 pm. I also get up to pee about 3 times every night, no matter how little water I drink in the evening! But I am getting to the point where I barely wake up to do it! Things are shifting in the weight department also, have noticed a few pounds have crept up in my stomach area, above my uterus. Makes my pants a bit uncomfortable.

See you next week!

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