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Week 7 ~ February 14, 2005
~ Hello Weight Gain!

So far, not too many horrible symptoms, but the nausea is rearing its ugly head every so often, a little more now, but still manageable! I have gained weight already, bummer, and not in my boobs! What's up with that?! I keep reading how those little guys explode overnight, like you wake up one morning and you are a whole cup size bigger, and it supposedly happens in the first trimester?!!! HELLO?!! My cups are not overflowing yet?! I demand a refund! Ask Nic though, I have been moody and TIRED!! I have been going to bed at 8:30 the last few nights! I guess I need to go to sleep earlier to make up for the fifty million bathroom trips that disturb my sleep in the middle of the night!

I have already begun gaining weight! Unfortunately, while I am not overeating, I am eating more quantities of bad food (carbs, empty calories) and less good food (veggies, salad) because it just isn't appealing!!! And I noticed an immediate 3 pound weight gain, right off the bat, and already my pants do not fit. Over the last couple of weeks I have put on another couple of pounds. I think my body is just not letting go of anything I put in my mouth, because normally I do not gain weight like this (even when I do eat 'bad')... oh well. I am adjusting to the weight issue. I read this great page or two about it in The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy... pretty much just reassured me that everyone is different and that the books that say you need to gain 2-4 pounds in the first trimester, 8-10 in the second, and 10-12 in the third are just full of crap. Also, as my friend Aimee pointed out, I have the tools (Weight Watchers) to lose the weight after and I know how to do that (I have been a lifetime member, at my goal weight for almost two years now), so she said just relax... that is just what my body is going to do. At this point eating is a total survival thing with the nausea battle; if my stomach wants sourdough toast with butter, or a bagel, or rice, or pasta, then that is what I am going to eat. I found that I need to eat a little bit all the time or else the nausea gets worse. So unless I puke I bet I will gain a little more weight. Whatever, my baby will be happy, right?!

And none of it really matters, because… I am PREGNANT! YEEE HAAWWW!! I couldn't be more excited, despite the symptoms!!!

Oh, and one of my sisters-in-law bought us our first baby gift! It was a pack of four little onesies and six pairs of socks. I was practically in tears! I was thinking, 'oh my gosh, these are for my little baby'!! Words can't even tell you what I was feeling!! Then I went home and opened them up and those newborn sized onesies that I have always thought looked so tiny, all of sudden did not look so little to me anymore. I laid one of them on my chest and screamed, "Nic! There is no way I am birthing something big enough to wear this thing!!!" So can you tell the moods are all over the place?! Holy crap!

Let's see what the next week has in store!

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