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Christine's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 8 & 9 ~ February 25, 2005
~ What a FUN Two Weeks - NOT!

Well what a FUN two weeks this has been, let me tell you! I had no idea being pregnant would be so hard! I know, I know, first of all I asked for this (really I BEGGED for it), second of all, millions of women have it WAY worse than me, and third if I think this is bad what in the world am I going to do about labor and delivery! Trust me, all of this goes through my head each and everyday that I am battling and riding the waves of nausea! I haven't thrown up, but have felt really close to the edge several times. It happens anytime of the day except when I am sleeping and for the first hour or so of the morning.

I have completely altered my life to accommodate and attempt to win the nausea war! For example, prior to pregnancy (PP for short) I had a pretty set dietary routine. I would have a Starbucks grande, non-fat, no whip, peppermint mocha. A few hours later I would enjoy a yogurt (fat free and light, of course only 2 points for weight watchers). Maybe for a fun snack an orange before lunch. Lunchtime consisted of a Lean Cuisine entrée with a salad and my mid-afternoon, get me through the rest of the workday snack would be a diet dr. pepper and one or two (if I was feeling skinny) Hershey miniatures (preferably Mr. Goodbar, yum!). Dinner was the best part! Every weekend I would prepare the week's dinner menu from our many WW cookbooks. So each night we had a delicious, but low-point meal for dinner. It was easy, no going to the store, no stressing about what to cook or what sounded good! And then maybe for an after dinner snack some light popcorn or a WW drumstick! (I know I sound really structured and rigid, but hey, I enjoyed my 20 pounds lighter figure!!)

Now??!!! Since pregnancy (SP for short) everything is UPSIDE DOWN! Throw all of the above completely out the window! The last two weeks and maybe even a few before that have been spent as an hour by hour, sometimes minute by minute drive for survival! Who knows what I will be able to stomach from meal to meal or snack to snack. I have to eat before I get out the door for work in the morning, and pretty much every two hours thereafter. It is crazy. And forget about the menu planning and dinner making. It is fend for yourself at my house these days. The poor boys are so missing the routine and the yummy food. See, my husband gets home from work an hour later than me so it makes the most sense for me to fix the meals during the week (he usually does the weekend cooking). But the past four weeks I have not been able to fathom standing over a stove cooking something that makes my stomach wretch and heave!!! So, it has been vege corn-dogs and soup and George Foreman grilled chicken for them!

Seriously, though. I joke about the disruption, but it has been a major adjustment for me, mentally. I feel like I am just now coming to terms with it. Which is funny, cause just as I get used to it something new is probably going to come along to make mentally crazy all over again.

So, aside from dealing with nausea and lack of sensible dietary habits I have been very tired. I have been going to bed around 8:30 every night. I haven't had too many mood swings thus far, I think I have been too busy trying to mentally overcome the nausea to be moody or emotional. Oh, and my breasts are finally waking up. They have been a little tender and are feeling totally heavy. Still fitting into my bras but they are snug! So, that is kinda fun (knock on wood). Our next doctor's appointment is coming soon! We can't wait!

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