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Christy's Pregnancy Journal

Christy's Family
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Christy's pregnancy journal.

Christy (32) is married to her best friend, Chris (32), who is a Marine. They are also the proud parents of Trysta (3). Baby #2, Tyler Christian, was delivered at 38 weeks, 4 days, via planned c-section on February 13, 2009.

Here is Christy's journal week by week through her pregnancy.

Christy's Journal Entries

Meet Christy

Week 11
Countdown to my first doctor's appointment

Week 12
First Doctor's Appointment

Week 13
A Heaving I Will Go . . .

Week 14
The Grumblings of a Pregnant Lady

Week 15
My Niece - "The Boss"

Week 16
Sick and Stressed

Week 17
Scared, Emotional, Mess . . . Yes, That's Me

Week 18
Immense Relief

Week 19
The Dreaded Amnio

Week 20
The Results Are In

Week 21
Blissfully Dull

Week 22
Where Did October Go?

Week 23
The Week that Wouldn't End

Week 24
Time Is Really Flying By!

Week 25
Busy, Busy . . .

Week 26
One Thing After Another

Week 27
Thanksgiving, Already?

Week 28
Getting Ready for Christmas

Week 29
My Stubborn Children

Week 30
Still No Picture

Week 31
Bedrest? What?

Week 32
Bedrest . . . The Beginning of Utter Boredom

Week 33
Still in Bed

Week 34
No Change . . . Still Here

Week 35
Still Hanging On

Week 36
Uncomfortable & Counting the Days

Week 37
So much to do and so little time

Birth Story
Meet Tyler Christian

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