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Birth Story
~ Meet Tyler Christian

TylerFebruary 13th finally came and I admit I was terrified. I didn't have time to think about the c-section or even realize half of what was going on last time by the time we got to the c-section. However, this time I was completely coherent and scared about what was to come. My mother came to town the Thursday before so that she would be there to stay with Trysta while my husband slept at the hospital with me as he did when I had Trysta. Trysta's Valentine's Day party was on Friday and we decided it would be easier to send her to daycare as normal so she wouldn't miss her party and allow my mother and husband to both be at the hospital. My c-section was scheduled for 9am but I had to be at the hospital at 7am for preparation so we decided Chris would still take Trysta to daycare and mom would take me to the hospital. Chris would then head to the hospital so he could be there when I had the c-section.

The preop nurses were wonderful and took a lot of time to tell me what was going to happen at each phase of the process. They did have a little trouble getting an IV in my left arm and after three failed attempts that resulted in lovely bruises and welts they were able to get it into my right arm. The anesthesiologist was incredible and probably the nicest doctor I have ever met. He explained everything and was really down to earth and helpful in trying to ease my fears. Even during the operation he continued to tell me what to expect and let me know what was going on at each phase. I know I had been here before but before I was in so much pain and in hard labor and things happened so quickly I didn't have time to think. However, when it is planned, everything is so orderly and your head is clear it is a completely different experience. I actually walked to the operating room and it is really eye opener seeing all of those people, the trays of tools and all of the equipment. I really did want to run.

Trysta and TylerThe spinal tap was quick but instantly I felt horrible and nauseous and just "not right". The anesthesiologist quickly gave me something to help with the sick feeling and I felt better but my bottom half truly ceased to exist. However, mentally I was consciously aware that my bottom half was completely on display for the 20 people I had previously met. I am a very modest person and I really just wanted someone to cover me up. Chris stayed by my head holding my hand but he is fascinated by this stuff and peeked over the tent to watch the whole thing. ICK . . . They actually offered me a mirror in case I wanted to watch the baby come out. I just don't think I could handle seeing my body cut open and organs misplaced while they were getting my son out. The process felt like it took forever and then there it was . . . the most beautiful noise I have ever heard, my son's first cry. I could not help myself; I started crying. All the months of worry and uncertainty had come to a head and he was finally here.

They quickly took him into a warmer room to clean him, and Chris went with them to cut the cord. They brought him back to me and I got to look at my little baby and he was perfect. He was not really happy to be out in the real world and he was making that really plain to everyone in the room. They then took him to the recovery room to take his vitals, weight, length and all of the baby things I missed out on while I was being put back together. The wonderful part about this hospital was after they were done closing me up, I got to go to the same recovery room and we got to be together. I loved being with him so soon.

TylerTyler was 9 lbs and 12 ounces and was 21.75 inches long. He was a giant baby; I can only imagine if we hadn't had him at 38 weeks, he would surely have been well over 10 lbs. We got to leave the hospital on Monday, and it was so wonderful to bring our new angel home. His sister has been very good and no signs of jealousy, yet. She loves to hold her brother and it is the sweetest sight. Tyler is the sweetest boy. I never knew I could feel this much love for a second child but they are right; you don't get it until they are actually here and I get it now. I have my wonderful little girl and now this little tiny angel boy. Just holding him makes me so happy. I don't care about the lack of sleep or even the pain when he is in my arms. It all is so worth it.

I thank all of you for sharing this journey with me and wish you all the luck in your pregnancies and future pregnancies. These babies are truly little gifts from God.

~ Christy

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