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~ Christy

Christy's FamilyHello, my name is Christy (31). I am married to a wonderful man, named Chris (32), who also happens to be my best friend. We are the proud parents of a little girl named Trysta, who will turn three at the end of September.

Trysta was a complete surprise to Chris and me. We had only been married a few short months and my husband who is in the Marine Corps had a scheduled deployment less than a month a way. I have to admit when I realized I was pregnant I was terrified and quite hysterical. All kinds of terrible things flashed in my mind. I was sure God was giving me this baby because my husband was not coming home. Hormones did not help my paranoia as you can see. Despite my earlier fears I made it and Chris made it home to us. Ironically, I picked my husband up from the base on September 29th and roughly 24 hours later Trysta made her appearance into the world. We weren't due for another two weeks, but I sensed for awhile she had merely been waiting for daddy to come home.

It is hard to believe that was almost three years ago. Things are a bit different these days. Shortly, after Trysta was born, my husband's battalion began moving infantry marines that had done three consecutive combat tours to non-deployable units to recoup. It was like my dreams had come true. It had been more than four years since Chris had been in the states more than 5 months of the year. We were also very fortunate to be assigned a DC post which kept us on the East Coast and only six hours from my family. So here we are outside of DC, I work for a Commercial General Contractor as a Project Engineer, I have a beautiful little girl and I get to see my husband almost every night and things are pretty great.

Chris and I had been talking about another child for a year now. However, the timing never seemed right. In October, I developed some mysterious health issues that had me in the doctors and under microscopes 2-3 times a week. Terms like MS, Lymphoma and Auto-Immune Disease were swirling in my head as doctors and specialists tried to fit me in one category. However, months of tests revealed many things but nothing definitive and the process just made me frustrated and made me feel worse than ever. It felt like every time they got close we would hit a brick road. I decided in March I needed a break from doctors and time to let my body figure itself out. We had ruled out everything life threatening so it seemed safe to take a break and honestly other than the constant headaches I have managed just fine. But it didn't help convincing my husband it was time for a second child. He was positive that the pregnancy would cause undo strain on my body and make me worse. Thankfully, the doctors disagreed.

So we began talking about it a little more and while we weren't actually trying we were being a little less than careful. I knew before I even missed my first period. It happened the realization hit me the Friday before Father's Day; wouldn't that be the perfect surprise? Chris happened to be working late so I stopped at the store picked up a test and rushed home with Trysta in tow eager to know the results. There they were the two pink lines. I was so happy I couldn't wait till Chris; I scooped Trysta in my arms and asked her how she would feel about a little brother or sister. She looked at me with the biggest grin and promptly asked for one of both. She has been so excited ever since and will tell anyone she meets that she is having a baby sister. My husband received something special in his Father's Day card this year from EPT and while he is happy his attitude is more guarded. He is worried about me and try as I might it is going to probably take him the next 30 weeks to convince him that I will be fine. I have had my initial blood working and the doctors predict I am due February 22nd. I have my first appointment on August 8th and can't wait to have that first sonogram. I have been counting the days.

I admit I became a StorkNet addict during my first pregnancy and can't tell you how much I looked forward to the weekly journals. I found it so comforting to read the stories of women going through the same things as me. I am looking forward to sharing my story with you as well as enjoying the stories of the other women.

~ Christy

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