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Week 11
~ Countdown to my first doctor's appointment

It is almost here, my first doctor's appointment. I feel like I have been waiting for this day forever. I will be almost out of my first trimester before I have my first doctor's appointment. I have to admit it is of my own making. The minute I realized I was pregnant I called my regular OB/GYN and set up my first appointment which would have been July 18th at almost 9 weeks; however, in my waiting I begin to realize things are done a little differently with this doctor. They told me at this initial appointment to allot 20-30 minutes, but my first appointment with Trysta seemed to be hours. We met with the doctor, nurses, there were tests and talks and packets and of course the sonogram. My little peanut picture was one of the most exciting parts of the first pregnancy. It appears the doctor I have been using since I moved here does not do a sonogram until the 20th week. I found this highly disappointing; I also realize how much I need to see my little peanut for my own piece of mind especially considering all of the health problems that have plagued me this past year. I also learned that while my doctor's office is predominantly female I would need to see all of the doctors including the male doctors. I prefer female doctors; I have tried their male counterparts and a long time ago I made sure I only saw females. Therefore, my anxiety began to grow at the choice of my doctor. I also learned under no circumstances would they consider a Vaginal Birth after C-section. It was a little disheartening that they wouldn't even review my situation or my medical history before making a decision. However, I realize it is their practice policy and no room for discussion.

Needless to say I began shopping around for other choices. I hadn't made up my mind but I certainly wanted options. Are things so dramatically different up here? Well, after weeks of searching I did find an all female practice and their process seems more consistent with the things I liked so much with my doctor in NC. Unfortunately, getting that first appointment takes forever and an 8 week appointment became nearly a 12 week appointment. I was afraid Chris would insist I keep the earlier one. He is so worried about me, but he told me I needed to be happy and comfortable and if I believed I would have this with this doctor then we would wait. So I have been waiting.

I have so so days and I have bad days. I dry heave a lot which is quite embarrassing. I am queasy all of the time but the heaves just come out of nowhere. Whoever termed it morning sickness was a lucky individual because myself and many of my friends would redefine it as 24 hour sickness. Morning, lunch, dinner, in the middle of the night--it doesn't prefer any particular hour. Luckily, for the most part it is only heaving and little actual vomiting. Another thing that I seem to be dealing with is constant lower back pain. I never had any back pain with Trysta and the heaving was limited to when my allergies were acting up. It does seem this pregnancy is being a bit harder on me.

I believe I mentioned the upside to this go around will be that my husband will be here to enjoy the experience with me. However, what I didn't mention previously is that my husband tore his ACL and meniscus in his left knee the Monday after we found out we were expecting. He was just doing a typical three mile run with his platoon and out of nowhere it started to swell. Later that night it gave out on the stairs. He is on crutches, strapped in a knee brace and undergoing physical therapy. However, the doctors are not optimistic and predict he will need surgery. So we are a pitiful pair at the moment, him limping and hobbling about and me plain green in the gills.

I hope everyone has a great week. I look forward to sharing my peanut picture with you next week. Till then . . .

~ Christy

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