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Week 12
~ First Doctor's Appointment

Hello all. So the day of my first doctor's appointment came. I was excited and apprehensive all at the same time. I couldn't wait to see my baby's heartbeat and breathe that sigh of relief knowing things are just as they should be. My new doctor's office has a very strict appointment policy and I had to arrive 20 minutes early. I try to be a patient person but I get aggravated by wait times especially when they cancel your appointment or fine you for being late. My appointment was at 2:30 and I was there at 2:10, however it wasn't until 3:15 that I was called back and then they put me in a room for another 40 minutes. Perhaps my mind was clouded and this is why my first appointment with Trysta was 3 hours . . . 15 minutes of appointment with over two hours of waiting. My blood pressure was high, so high they had to take it again before they would let me leave. I was jumpy and nervous and you kept me waiting FOREVER. It is the way I am hardwired.

However, despite the waiting factor the doctor was great and I immediately felt comfortable with her. She was very informative and we talked about my desire to have a vaginal birth despite my c-section. Unfortunately, while she does do these I am not candidate. It appears that while the initial incision for my c-section was a low segment transverse when they tried to remove Trysta they had difficulty and had to cut laterally into my uterus as well making what is referred to as an inverted T. Therefore, they will not allow me to labor and I will have to have a c-section. I was extremely disappointed. I am told that the second c-section is not as difficult but I would be lying if I said I didn't dread the repeat experience.

I realize a c-section is not all bad there are benefits of the c-section. I will have a scheduled delivery day which makes planning for work and life easier. I will be able to allow my family plenty of notice so they can be here. I also will be scheduled at 38 weeks which makes my pregnancy a whole 2 weeks shorter. I won't have to endure the painful contractions and 14 hours of intense labor and three hours of pushing only to be told that the baby is in arrest of descent and a c-section will be necessary anyway. But let's face it the bottom line is making sure that my baby and I both get through successfully and without issue. So if I have to deal with a c-section aftermath to insure this I won't whine too much. Yes, I said too much.

So now the best part, I finally got to see my little peanut. The doctor elected to do the sonogram externally because I was almost 12 weeks. I admit my sonogram at 8 weeks with Trysta was far clearer. The picture is not clear enough to share, but still there was the most beautiful thing a parent can hope to see on that small, dark screen . . . my baby's heart. Tiny, but strong and beating just as fast as can be; it brought tears to my eyes and yes I finally could breathe a sigh of relief.

Till next week . . .

~ Christy

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