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Week 14
~ The Grumblings of a Pregnant Lady

Well life has been a bit hectic this week. I had three projects bidding this week which always makes things a bit chaotic in the office. Due to my husband's injury, he has to be reassigned to a new company, which has also kept him quite busy. A blessing in disguise his injury is in some ways. Don't get me wrong; it has surely had its share of hindrances but on the upside it transferred him out of a company that he absolutely hated and it will keep him stateside for at least another six months after he has the surgery. Everyday that it doesn't get scheduled, just delays that date more. We are both eager to start the recovery so he can get back to normal but it is so nice having him home.

September is shaping up to be a busy month for me at work and in my personal life. I hope I can muster enough energy to keep up. My sister's baby should be here soon, which means a five hour trip home, a trip west for my husband's nephew's birthday on the 6th, a trip to Vegas with work scheduled the September 11-15 and Trysta's all important Little Mermaid Extravaganza at the end of the month.

The busy season for the Marines in this area is the summer so they are allotted no leave or time off until September and boy do they deserve it by the time it rolls around. It looks like my husband will be on leave from the 3rd till the 22nd. How jealous am I? However, despite his injury I have a monster honey-do list that I am sure we can find a way to tackle it around his knee. His biggest project will be Trysta's new room. My daughter is obsessed with The Little Mermaid and she is so excited about getting her new big bed and her new Ariel room. Everyday she wants to know when it will be ready. We spent the weekend looking at beds. My husband and I completely disagree on what we like and while Trysta agrees wholeheartedly with Mommy somehow I feel Chris may win. I love the white beds, with the jeweled drawer handles; they are definitely meant for a princess. My husband thinks white is insane for a small child with grubby fingers and who never fails to find crayons and markers. He may have a slight point, but just the same I do love those white beds. I greatly enjoy shopping for Trysta's new room and have already started putting together ideas for the baby's nursery. The downside is I envision with such beautiful clarity and have no true artistic ability. So these grand murals and wonderful elaborate themes often need to be brought to reality which can be so disappointing.

The hardest part with Trysta has been explaining to her that she must change rooms to get her new Ariel room. Her current room is a perfect size for a nursery or toddler but it would be too cramped for a full size bed. She is adamant we can fit everything in her current room and that the baby will be sharing a room with her. Reasoning with an almost three year old is an impossible task. She at times seems convinced that mommy is having a baby just for her. She is so cute and so serious; how can I help but smile? I hope when she sees her new room she will be so excited she will forget all about the fact that it is in a different room. Wishful thinking?

I am still heaving quite a bit and it seems to becoming more connected with actual eating and smells this week. Certain body washes, the smell of Lysol and the heaving begins. I feel hungry and nothing sounds appealing whatsoever but I eat and sure enough the minute I finish I feel instantly sick. I am genuinely beginning to hate food. I look to meal times with dread knowing everyone will make me pick what to eat and knowing I have as much interest in food as a root canal. My husband has determined we will just hook me up to an IV to feed me and I won't have to "actually" eat anymore. The idea is becoming more and more appealing. Well enough grumbling for one week.

Till next week . . .

~ Christy

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