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Week 15
~ My Niece - "The Boss"

Let me start out by saying, life was incredibly busy this past week and fitting everything in this week's journal is a challenge. Work has progressed to absolutely crazy and to top things off I managed to catch a cold. I have had little sleep in the past week due the cough that won't stop. I am sure my husband has had little sleep as well since I seem to be vibrating the bed the majority of the night.

In the midst of the chaos and sickness last Thursday night, I received the call we had been waiting for; my sister was on her way to the hospital and her contractions were steadily three minutes apart. We were all quite sure my niece would be making her grand entrance very soon. All night I was on the phone trying to get updates, planning my trip home and so very excited about my new niece's entrance into our growing family. However, my niece was not quite ready and decided she would stay put. While the contractions were steady and showed up they were not strong enough to cause any dilation. They kept her for a couple hours, monitored, made her walk but no change and they sent her home. I knew she would be so disappointed and the constant harassment of a "caring" family just makes it even harder. I put the trip home on hold figuring the last thing she needed was another person staring at her and her belly willing my niece to come.

Friday, no change, and by Saturday I admit I was getting antsy, afraid if I didn't go then she would come and my long weekend visit would be so much shorter. So Chris, Trysta and I decided to head south knowing if she didn't come it may be weeks before I could go home with the craziness of the month ahead.

The trip seemed cursed from the beginning. My husband received a whopping ticket only two hours into the trip. Trysta had a fit so bad that we found ourselves in a parking lot for over an hour trying to calm her down. The five hour trip took closer to seven hours and I felt miserable from my cold and cough. However, we made it and it is always great to see my family. Trysta was so thrilled to see her Grandma; every other word was "GRANDMA." I ate real food cooked in a real home kitchen which I am embarrassed to say I haven't had in close to a month. My constant sickness has made mealtime impossible and dinner usually ends up being something quick and fast or dinner out. It was wonderful to see my family despite how lousy I felt, but by Monday it was clear my niece was not going to show herself while I was in town and I had to get back to work Tuesday. I had a firm, stern talk with my sister's belly that Chris and Trysta would head west for his nephew's birthday but I would be back on Friday and she was to wait four days. I think I made myself quite clear and about 3pm my small family got back on the road.

Now heaving has been bad enough as I am sure you have guessed by my complaining but add a cough and heaving turns into full blown vomiting and without warning. Let's just say the ride home, while there were no traffic tickets or fits, was very messy. We finally got home and a quick text to all of my family to let them know I was safe and I climbed into bed. I kept my phone close to my bed, just in case, and tossed and coughed my way into Tuesday morning.

Christy's nieceTuesday was as normal, no missed calls so I called my sister as I do on my way to work everyday. It is our morning ritual. Well she didn't answer so I promptly called my mom who informed me that my brother-in-law sent me a lovely picture of my new niece and my sister at 2:30am which I didn't get. It appears he sent it to my personal phone which is almost always dead because I have to carry a blackberry for work and two phones is a hassle. It appears my firm talk with my niece only prompted her to show me she was the boss. You would think after three years with Ms. Trysta I would know a thing about little girls. You can't win!! We are so excited to have our little niece and I can't wait to see her. As a proud aunt, I couldn't help but share a picture. My 16 week appointment is coming up; I will share details with you on this next week. I can't wait to hear my little one again. It makes the heaving and everything else worth it.

Till then . . .
~ Christy

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