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Week 16
~ Sick and Stressed

First let me apologize for running behind this week. It has been complete chaos. My cold would not quit, the cough was keeping me up at night and I couldn't keep much down. I had my 16 week check up and indicated to my doctor how miserable I had been. She told me to take Mucinex and Robitussin to help break up the ick and relieve the cough. The rest of the appointment was pretty uneventful, baby's heart beat was a strong 154 : and my urine was good. The only slight blip is that my blood pressure continues to elevate which is causing minor concern. I scheduled my next appointment and hurried to start taking the Mucinex and Robitussin.

However, after a couple of days it was clear I was getting worse, not better. I finally gave up and went to Urgent Care and was told I had developed Acute Bronchitis. The doctor gave me antibiotics and cough syrup and insisted I spend as much time in bed as possible. He said he would not be surprised if I developed pneumonia. I was good and followed doctor's orders. Chris and Trysta were away for the weekend at his nephew's birthday party so I was alone to sleep the weekend away. I must admit it drove me insane being in bed and I was so lonely without my little girl, but the thought of pneumonia kept me put.

On a positive note I started to feel the first stirrings of the baby. It was so wonderful to feel the baby nudging me from time to time. I like to think she or he was reminding me I wasn't really alone, after all.

Monday, I felt almost human again, but the bronchitis had put me so far behind in preparing for my upcoming trip to Vegas that the next three days were a scramble. I love traveling but sometimes getting ready to go and coming back are so stressful it makes me mental. Plus I hate being away from Trysta; I just wanted to pack her in my suitcase. I also had a lot of concerns about how I would feel. My eating schedule needs to be so regular to help combat my heaves. I packed a ton of cracker packs just in case I had a hard time finding food at regular intervals. Pregnant and heading to Vegas--this was sure to be an interesting trip. I will let you know how things go . . .

Till Next Week,
~ Christy

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