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Week 19
~ The Dreaded Amnio

Birthday GirlAnother week has come and gone. I feel like this pregnancy is flying by. The weekend was hectic. Trysta's third birthday party was held on the Outer Banks with my family so we had a long trip and a lot to do to get ready. It was an Ariel Extravaganza and was held at an indoor pool. I think it turned out quite well and the birthday girl is still raving about her "great day." I think she is still singing happy birthday to her dolls before bed. It was a good weekend and I got to meet my new niece who is a gorgeous little angel. Trysta was quite smitten and wanted to help in everyway to take care of little Daisy. It was nice to see and showed what a good little helper she would be when her brother comes. It was a good weekend and it helped keep my mind busy instead of focusing on the amniocentesis that was scheduled for Monday.

Trysta holding her new cousinMMonday came and was a typical flurry of activity getting Trysta ready for daycare and the week ahead. My dog managed to wedge herself behind my legs on the stairs and I managed to topple down the stairs. Luckily I caught myself before pitching forward and managed to tumble with my side sliding down each stair. The baby appears to be no worse for the wear but my left side is still sore, like I pulled a couple muscles and it hurts to raise my arm but I am sure it will go away with time. Needless to say my Monday was not off to a good start.

We dropped Trysta off and headed to the doctor. I was the first patient so the wait was non-existent and we were in quickly. The nurse explained the process and told me that we should have results in three days. The doctor came in and looked around to see where the baby was and chose a location to insert the needle. He cleaned the belly with antiseptic and then he warned me I would feel a little sting. I did and it was fine, I was thinking to myself, not so bad. Then he starts poking my belly with his finger and informs me that my baby has decided to come on over where he was planning to draw the fluid. He pokes me a couple time to get the baby to move and then the real fun began. They tell you mild cramping and you breathe deep telling yourself not to move, but when that needle hits your uterus, the cramping is so intense my body could not help but jump out of reflex. It was not a pleasant experience and I was so thankful when he removed the needle. My husband thought the procedure was most interesting and referred to my amniotic fluid as fizzy ginger ale. Men??!! The doctor told me the baby looked good and someone would call me with the results and we left.

Whether it was the test itself, stress or the fall, I left the office feeling like I had been run over. My head was killing me, my stomach was cramping and my arms and sides felt like I had spent the last 6 days straight at the gym. My optimistic hopes about heading to work were nixed and I found myself curled in bed the rest of the day. I am feeling better other than the aches and pains from the fall and now we are just waiting.

I have attached a picture of Trysta at her party and I couldn't help but share another one of my new niece.

Till next week . . .
~ Christy

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