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Week 20
~ The Results Are In

I received a wonderful call on Friday, one I had been dreading but waiting for anxiously as well. I missed the call but was left a message by our genetic counselor that indicated she had "good news." I appreciated that, instead of getting an ominous message that gives you no indication one way or the other. I called her back rather quickly feeling tears of relief pricking at my eyes as I dialed the number. I was informed that the preliminary amnio had come back and that the baby did not have Down syndrome or any other genetic disorder that would be indicated by extra chromosomes. However, the word preliminary stopped my inward celebration. Preliminary? She explained that the preliminary amnio tests for extra chromosomes while the final results would indicate whether there were any issues with the placement of the chromosomes which is found in very rare genetic disorders. So we aren't completely out of the woods, yet, but things look really good.

I also have my monthly check up which went well, my blood pressure was down 20 points on both sides which was fabulous news as it had been running extremely high at my last three appointments. The baby's heart was good and it was a very quick appointment. What a relief it was to have good news about the baby and my pregnancy this week. The heaving hasn't quite stopped but I have some days where it is non-existent so hopefully this is on the way out.

The rest of the week was hectic as always, we had a Leukemia Walk which we have done every year since we moved to DC and Trysta was so excited about her "great walk." They had face painting, a clown and balloons for the kids while we were waiting to start our walk, which she loved. She doesn't grasp what the walk is for but she knew it was very important and a "great day." She says great when something is really big or wonderful to her and I think it is so adorable.

We spent Sunday trying to find her new bedroom furniture and as excited as she is about her big bed all she wanted to do was run wild in the stores testing out each piece of furniture which made shopping most difficult. All of her Ariel bedding has arrived and I am eager to put together her special under the water bedroom, but still we have not found bedroom furniture we both like. I know February is still a while away but once I move her it will be time to redo her room for her brother. I have all kinds of ideas swirling through my head and can't wait to start before I lose my "vision."

Well, that about wraps up this week. Surprisingly calm . . . hope it stays that way.

Til next week . . .
~ Christy

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