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Week 23
~ The Week that Wouldn't End

In the past I have learned any dullness or normalcy only lasts for so long and eventually I will find myself thrown back into the chaos that is my life. Well that dullness has ended this week. It was the kind of week where you want to crawl into bed and tell everyone to just wake you up when it is over. As far as the baby is concerned it was a quiet week; he calmly just wiggled around and nudged me from time to time to let me know he was there and okay. However, the rest of my life seemed to be resting in a pot of boiling water.

My team completed a major bid last week for over 4 million dollars and with this economy, landing a job this size is huge. It comes with a lot of stress and preparation. Monday we were informed that we were selected as one of the final General Contractors to bid the project. However, that brings more stress. I found myself at work past 7 most of the week.

Chris and I have also been in the middle of moving Trysta to a new daycare center and there were forms, doctor's appointments and countless visits to the center to coordinate. I won't bore you with all of the details but for the last year I have been battling issues at Trysta's center and each time I made a decision to move her I would beat myself up seeing how happy Trysta was and deciding it wasn't the right decision for her. However, eventually enough is enough. The management of the center had been taking a huge toll on me for some time, between the location which extended my commute by almost two hours a day, the constantly lost payments and a complete lack of communication between the teachers and the director; I was less than pleased. The last couple of months it was evident that Trysta was no longer happy at the center and was acting out, and her teacher and several other key teachers had left. The kids in her class also started to disappear. It was becoming evident I wasn't the only parent or person unhappy. I can deal with a lot of things if I think it is in Trysta's best interest, but when it became evident her overall attitude was changing and she may be suffering because of their issues, it was time for a quick change. She was scheduled to start a center next Monday but the issues came to a head on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday was the day of our team's interview with the client. Chris and I had elected to keep Trysta home on Tuesday because we had received information from a friend (not the school as we should have) that a girl in Trysta's class was sent home with head lice. We were also told that the director and teachers had elected not to tell the other parents. I freaked and we quickly treated Trysta, better safe then sorry. However, we didn't feel comfortable sending her back until we were sure the issue had been addressed and decided to keep her home on Tuesday. Chris contacted the director to notify her we would be keeping Trysta home and of our concerns and she assured him that they would check the children and notify the parents. He verified later that day that they had checked the children and were notifying all parents. Well, imagine my surprise when the director refused to accept my child on Wednesday morning without a doctor's note. She, of course, is not at the center but on the phone with the assistant director who is relaying this information. I am trying to explain that we had called them in concern and there evidently is some confusion because Trysta was not the child sent home. However, she just kept saying Trysta was out yesterday and we need a doctor's note for to come back. I would like to say this shocked me but this is typical. I don't know how many times we have been called away from work to pick up a "sick" child to find Trysta not sick at all or how many times I have gone to the doctor to get notes for illnesses that were non-existent. However, whether it was the pregnancy, the stress of an interview in less than 2 hours and no one to keep my child or just my final breaking point with a daycare that basically has been the bane of my existence for a year, I simply lost it.

I quickly bundled my child up and began shoving Trysta's belongings in her bag as well of any picture of her or any of her artwork on the wall. I did not want this daycare to have any piece of my child. I made it clear that this is exactly why Trysta was being removed from the center and we were finished. I had no one to take Trysta to, my husband was unreachable and I had a major interview in less than two hours; it was not a good morning. Luckily, I work with a bunch of wonderful ladies and between my assistant and a couple of the other ladies in the office, they were able to entertain Trysta until Chris arrived and I made it to my interview. I will be buying a few lunches this week. We were able to move her start date to Thursday for the new center but it increased the scrambling to get the new center everything they needed.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder with Trysta at a new center. Her first day went fantastic, she didn't even whimper when I dropped her off. As a working mom, I beat myself up constantly about Trysta's care so to see her happy at the center made me feel better. We had made numerous visits to the center so I think that helped prepare her. I was a little concerned about them providing lunch because Trysta is such a picky eater but they said she tried everything on her plate and informed them she loved string beans. (News to me as she won't eat them at home. Work has continued to be chaotic as they have narrowed it down to two General Contractors and I have a little project kicking off as well, but if I can just get to Saturday I might be okay.

Trysta is thrilled to pieces about Halloween and I hope to have some pictures to share next week. Daddy made his special cupcakes for her new class and she is excited about her party today. The baby is perfect and probably the only peaceful part of the whole week.

Well, I believe I have ranted enough this week. I am off to take a couple valium. *Joking of course*

Until next week . . .
~ Christy

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