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Week 24
~ Time Is Really Flying By!

I can't believe another week has come and gone. I don't remember my pregnancy with Trysta being quite so rapid. However, I am sure near the end it will start feeling like a slow crawl. I am afraid I have nothing too exciting to share this week. Trysta seems to be doing well at her new daycare. However, deep down I am nervous this is the "honeymoon period." I keep nervously dreading a bad note. I know I have a good girl but the last month her behavior had been so deplorable at the other daycare. We received notes of everything from spitting, hitting to telling her teacher to shut up. I was sure it she was acting out because she was unhappy at her daycare and so far it is proving to be true. But still I nervously worry that it might be more. However, things are good and I should really try to relax instead of being such a worrier.

I had my monthly checkup today, it was supposed to be last week but with the big interview I had to move it a week. It actually worked out better because I would be in sync with the milestone weeks instead of feeling a week off. I waited for an hour and a half for a 10 minute appointment. Highly aggravating, of course. Everything was pretty normal except the blood pressure is high again. So instead of four weeks I will be back in three so I can be closely monitored. So much for getting on even weeks. The baby's heart sounded good and everything is on schedule. I get to take the yummy glucose test next appointment which I really am looking forward to, not. I found out my c-section of all dates is scheduled for February, Friday the13th. .

Hearing my c-section date caused it to really hit me that I only have three months and I have a lot to do before the big day. We moved Trysta to her big room without finishing the decoration but she was so excited about the big bed and her Ariel bedding I couldn't help it. I honestly thought the transition would take longer and she would be back and forth between rooms. But nope, she took right to it and now she is in a room half done. Luckily the walls were already a smoky blue so painting is not necessary. I just need to decorate the bare walls and add curtains. Then we can start tackling Tyler's room. I found the cutest little bedding set yesterday online. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued so I am looking everywhere to find a site that still carries it. So far I have had no luck. It is called Aloha Baby and if anyone knows of place that might have it please email me. It is less traditional with Hawaiian flowers, palm trees and surfboards. It is right up there with my beach mentality. I of course would add my own flair and paint the walls Carolina blue and with little special beach touches. I am really excited about the theme, but I am starting to realize a backup plan may be in order.

My husband and I are planning an overnight trip this Saturday for our anniversary which is this week. It will be nice to get away alone, but I always miss my little girl so much. My mother is coming to town on Friday and Trysta is over the moon; she has talked about nothing else since I told her that grandma was coming. Everyday she asks me if Grandma and I will be picking her up and each day I tell her Friday. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will update you again next week. Till then . . .
~ Christy

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