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Week 25
~ Busy, Busy . . .

I did it. I finally got the nursery painted. I had Veteran's Day off and it is one of those holidays where daycare is still open. It was the perfect opportunity to work on Trysta's room and Tyler's without a three year old underfoot. I am positive I am wearing more paint than what I put on the wall, but for all intents and purposes it is done. I want to paint the doors and trim to freshen them up but the walls are indeed a beautiful Carolina blue. I also have blue hair. I am probably the messiest painter in the world but in the end I would hire me. My husband got called away for work and I was determined that I was going to complete the room so yes I did it all by myself and I am quite pleased. He got home in time to help me with Trysta's Ariel border which was a colossal nightmare. Trysta's room is not a standard square and has angled ceilings which meant I needed to come down a bit to make it work. I have never seen a grown man get so mad at an inanimate object but I am sure if I wasn't there I would have found Ariel in the trash and no border on the wall. Due to overlapping to match up the patterns and my husband's temper we ended up about a foot short. I have had to order another roll so it isn't quite done, but all in all I think it looks good. Trysta actually was more excited about her brother's room and had to keep checking it out. The border and bedding for his room should be here by Saturday so it will be really fun to get his room completed. However, after the Ariel border I am a little apprehensive to hang another one with my husband.

It was actually a very productive Veteran's Day. My husband finally swapped out the light fixtures on the third level that we had purchased almost two years ago when we bought the house. Trysta's room is almost done with exception of hanging some pictures and Tyler's is well on his way. All of the activity must have really wired the baby because after I finished painting my shirt was jumping about with his flurry of activity. Of course Chris was at work and missed his son's acrobatics but I am sure this is just the beginning and there will be much more to come as he runs out of room in my belly.

My birthday was Wednesday so it was odd having a day off and then returning on my birthday, it felt like Monday all day. I got some great presents, but nothing tops my daughter singing Happy Birthday Mommy while Chris carried out the cake the two of them had made. It is moments like that it all comes in to focus how truly blessed I am. I have a crazy weekend ahead; we have a wedding reception on Friday, the Marine Corps ball and my husband has duty Sunday so it will be over before I know it.

I hope all of you have a wonderful week. Until next time . . .
~ Christy

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